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Naudoti baldai

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Gintaro baldai
Baldai visiems namams

Address: Akmenų g. 12, LT-92347 Klaipėda.
Categories: furniture (trade); online stores.
Evaldo baldai
Address: Bedugnės g. 7-2, LT-11235 Vilnius.
Categories: designing; furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); graphics, design; manufacturing.
CJSC Evaldo baldai – a company committed to the implementation of your most incredible ideas. Our specialization – manufacture of both regular and custom furniture for each corner of your home. By individual request, we can make furniture, partitions, sliding doors designed solely for your kitchen, hallway...
Address: Šaltkalvių g. 20-45, LT-02178 Vilnius.
Categories: furniture (manufacturing); furniture (trade); manufacturing.
We use only high-quality materials and focus extensively on analysis of your needs. By offering you the individual design furniture, we focus on you obtaining the maximum benefit, which starts: with the furniture designthat meets your own unique taste, i.e. furniture should be beautiful and decorate your place;...
R. Gervinsko įmonė
Dėdės Baldai

Address: Kranto g. 13, Juodausiai, LT-20380 Ukmergės r.
Categories: furniture (manufacturing); manufacturing; wood and its products.
JB Group, UAB
Rumšiškių baldai

Address: Nemuno g. 1, Rumšiškės, LT-56336 Kaišiadorių r.
Categories: furniture (trade).
Rivjeros baldai

Address: Ukmergės g. 26-49, LT-49315 Kaunas.
Categories: furniture (trade); furniture (manufacturing); hotels, motels; machinery, equipment, rental.
Edvardo Meškausko individuali veikla

Address: Pramonės g. 10, LT-99116 Šilutė.
Categories: furniture (trade); individual activity; online stores.
Naudoti baldai
Address: Likiškėlių g. 66-14, LT-63165 Alytus.
Categories: furniture (trade).
A. Jasevičiaus baldai
Address: Nemuno g. 1, Rumšiškės, LT-56336 Kaišiadorių r.
Categories: furniture (trade); manufacturing; retail.
Karmėlavos baldai
Address: Vilniaus g. 23A, Karmėlava, LT-54448 Kauno r.
Categories: furniture (trade).
Šilūnė, naudoti baldai, A. Jurgilienės įmonė
Address: Lietuvininkų g. 31B, LT-99134 Šilutė.
Categories: furniture (trade); retail.
Naudoti kokybiški baldai
Address: Tvenkinio g. 20, Daukniškiai, LT-38391 Panevėžio r.
Categories: furniture (trade).
Senoviniai baldai
Address: Kareivių g. 2C-11, LT-08248 Vilnius.
Categories: furniture (trade).
Valymo paslaugos, Auto SPA

Address: Pilaitės pr. 7, LT-05132 Vilnius.
Categories: cleaning services; carwash; domestic services; hygiene goods; landscaping; paper and its products; public utilities; work at heights.
We have gained experience, how to provide cleaning services in a quick and qualitative way, even under complicated conditions We provide every-day premise cleaning services, territory maintenance services, various other cleaning services, which can be ordered for one time only or a long-term contract can be...
Profesionali valymo įranga

Address: Naugarduko g. 29, LT-03227 Vilnius.
Categories: car repair and petrol station equipment; agriculture, machinery; auto cosmetic, materials; automation; carwash; chemical manufacturing; cleaning materials; cleaning services; compressors, pumps; domestic applieances, repair; electroinstallation works; electronic equipment and parts; forest and gardening equipment; industrial equipment; machinery, equipment, rental; municipal machinery; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; public utilities; technological equipment; tools; wholesale.
HAKO, CLEANFIX, MULTICAR, CHRIST, KRANZLE, BUZIL, SATELLITE –THAL, SPIR STAR®, IPC EUROMOP UAB OFNIS KONTAKTAI: Direktorius Dainius Gabrilevičius Telefonas +370 699 25553 El.paštas : [email protected] Direktoriaus pavaduotojas Robertas Bartuševičius Telefonas +370 685 45444 El.paštas :...
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