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Kasko Group

Address: A. Vivulskio g. 12D, pirmas aukštas, LT-03221 Vilnius.
Categories: medical equipment.
Kid-Man is a brand of compensatory, care and disability equipment that offers tools for different ages and different groups of people with disabilities. Excellent tools, quickly responsive and operative kid-man team, low prices, and the customer-oriented warehouse are our main arguments for the valuable cooperation...
Pirmas žingsnis, UAB
Ortopedijos prekės

Address: Vytauto pr. 37B, LT-44352 Kaunas.
Categories: footwear; health care institutions; leather products; manufacturing; medical equipment; plastic, rubber and its products; retail.
Respublikinė Kauno ligoninė
Address: Hipodromo g. 13, LT-45130 Kaunas.
Categories: health care institutions.
Valakupių plastinės chirurgijos klinika

Address: Svajonių g. 48, LT-10100 Vilnius.
Categories: health care institutions.
Gemma sveikatos centras
Address: Bistryčios g. 13, LT-10320 Vilnius.
Categories: health care institutions; sanatoria, resort centres.
Tarandės Šeimos Klinika
Address: Tarandės g. 34, LT-14188 Vilnius.
Categories: guardianship and care institutions; health care institutions; odonthology, services.
Address: Fabriko g. 11, Lentvaris, LT-25121 Trakų r.
Categories: beauty salons and barber's shops; health care institutions; medical equipment; odonthology, services.
Our company is selling the new generation chemical maintenance products for disinfection, sterilization, control of processes, hygiene and surgical aseptic techniques. Our offered products come from the Sweden, Germany, Great Britain and etc. manufacturers and are intended for professional use. It is high quality...
Lietuvos Samariečių Bendrija, Kauno Skyrius
Address: Šv. Gertrūdos g. 8A, LT-44260 Kaunas.
Categories: charity and support; corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
The main goals of Lithuania Samaritans organization Kaunas branch are: To take care of the disaster-striken people; Help socially supported and large families; Provide assistance to people with disabilities, the homeless, the unemployed.The Samaritan community in Lithuania was founded in January 1992: the steering...
M. Čiuželio labdaros ir paramos fondo Kėdainių atstovybė
Sidabrinė linija

Address: J. Basanavičiaus g. 99, LT-57351 Kėdainiai.
Categories: charity and support; social services.
Address: Pašuščių km. Gardamo sen., LT-99415 Šilutė.
Categories: guardianship and care institutions; health care institutions; sanatoria, resort centres; social services.
VšĮ Paliatyvios pagalbos ir šeimos sveikatos centras
Address: Jūros g. 11, LT-92127 Klaipėda.
Categories: guardianship and care institutions; health care institutions.
"Privati Slaugos Tarnyba" VšĮ
Address: Baltų pr. 137F, LT-48201 Kaunas.
Categories: guardianship and care institutions; health care institutions.
Address: Ragainės g. 71, LT-78110 Šiauliai.
Categories: real estate.
K. Griniaus Slaugos ir Palaikomojo Gydymo Ligoninė
Address: Kruonio g. 21, LT-45370, LT-45370 Kaunas.
Categories: health care institutions.
Vilkpėdės Ligoninė
Address: Vilkpėdės g. 3, LT-03151 Vilnius.
Categories: health care institutions.

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