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MB prekyba in Ukmergė district

Address: Barboriškio k., LT-20280 Ukmergės r.
Categories: flowers and decorative plants; landscaping; wholesale.
Address: Pergalės g. 6-15, Veprių mstl., LT-20283 Ukmergės r.
Categories: forestry, forest goods; landscaping; wood and its products.
Roris ir Ko
Address: Baleliai, LT-20343 Ukmergės r.
Categories: fur and its products; leather products; manufacturing; retail.
Wurth Lietuva
Address: Jačionių k., LT-20101 Ukmergės r.
Categories: building materials; car parts; chemical manufacturing; fasteners, elements; hydraulics, pneumatics; labour safety; tools.
Address: Antakalnio 3 k., Pivonijos sen., LT-20101 Ukmergės r.
Categories: truck sales, parts, service.
The main activity of JSC Eurodalys is sale of semi-trailers. We have been successfully working since 2003. We cooperate only with the biggest, reliable and well known European rental companies.
Cocos LT
Yankee woods

Address: Vilkmergės g. 48, Antakalnis III, LT-20101 Ukmergės r.
Categories: wood and its products.
UAB M.D.M Baltic
Address: Ąžuolo g. 16, Viškonys, LT-20350 Ukmergės r.
Categories: agriculture, services; export; import; wholesale.
Address: Širilų k. 2, Širilų k., LT-20350 Ukmergės r.
Categories: building services; investing activities; law and order; mediation.
Address: Sodo g. 12, Leonpolis, LT-20288 Ukmergės r.
Categories: cosmetic, parfumery; food delivery at home; online stores.
Užupių manufaktūra
Address: Dvaro g. 5, Kultuvėnai, LT-20265 Ukmergės r.
Categories: coffee, tea; food products; soft beverages; wholesale.
Address: Kaštonų g. 3, Inkilų k., LT-20381 Ukmergės r.
Categories: cloth, fabrics; manufacturing; online stores; secondary raw materials; sewing, materials.
Address: Paliepės k. 2, LT-20303 Ukmergės r.
Categories: auto services; car parts; manufacturing; truck sales, parts, service.
Paina ir Ko
Address: Varinė, LT-20192 Ukmergės r.
Categories: furniture (trade); furniture production materials; manufacturing; wholesale.
Address: Deltuva, LT-20306 Ukmergės r.
Categories: chemical manufacturing; cereals, agriculture; feed, food for animals; wholesale.
Address: Pagojės k. 4A, Pagojės k., LT-20305 Ukmergės r.
Categories: building services; moving services; transportation; wholesale.

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US dollar
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GBP 1.1861 €
Polish zloty
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Russian ruble
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BYN 0.4247 €
Australian dollar
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Czech koruna
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Japanese yen
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Norwegian krone
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SEK 0.0949 €
Swiss franc
CHF 0.9335 €
Turkish lira
TRY 0.1526 €
Ukrainian hryvnia
UAH 0.0377 €
Bank of Lithuania, 2020-01-25

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