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Health Health

Flo Health LTU
Address: Saltoniškių g. 2-1, LT-08126 Vilnius.
Categories: computer software development.
Flo Health is an AI-powered women’s health app, chosen by 200+ million people, with over 42+ million monthly active users worldwide. Using the power of data science, AI, and medical experts, the app provides curated cycle and ovulation tracking, personalized health insights, expert tips, and a private community for...
Mokslo technologijos
Ugdymo įstaigų aprūpinimas

Address: Ukmergės g. 322-1, LT-12106 Vilnius.
Categories: children goods; consulting services; gifts, souvenirs; laboratories, equipment; learning courses; measurments, devices; online stores; toys; wholesale.
Today, Mokslo technologijos represents global manufacturers, leaders in training technologies and healthy lifestyle development. Mokslo technologijos JSC is proud of Vernier digital laboratories Pre-school and primary education tools, kits Unique tools and sets of physics, chemistry, biology, geography experiments...
Address: Perkūnkiemio g. 13-91, LT-12114 Vilnius.
Categories: computer software development; computers and software; internet, services; labour exchange, employment; logistics services.
We are the next GOOGLE, TESLA, APPLE, UBER and STARBUCKS. We are creating something amazing and revolutionary everyday. We use new technologies and innovations. We create solutions, businesses and projects that disrupt industries and way of living and doing things. We help people by making life easier and more...
Matančios rankos, UAB Bonatus
Address: Gedimino pr. 32-1, LT-01104 Vilnius.
Categories: consulting services; health care institutions.
Individual consultations are given and medical treatment is chosen by blind and partial sighted specialists who have medical education and high qualification. Our specialists: - Pay attention not to the way You look but to Your requirements; - Listen to your soul and body without any distractions; - See with hands...
Vis Aqua
Address: Saulėtekio g. 5, LT-91273 Klaipėda.
Categories: soft beverages.
This natural mineral water was discovered and thoroughly scientifically investigated by a private company "Vis Aqua" a few years ago. In 2018 the water was certified by Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service, the EU certificate was issued. A bottling factory built near the source started operation in April...
Rytai Vakarai EKO, MB

Address: Perkūnkiemio g. 19, LT-12120 Vilnius.
Categories: wholesale; export; online stores.
We are international company from Lithuania with strong environmental background. We work with sustainable source supply chain management, sustainable product development and commercialization, E-commerce, specializing in small household electronic appliances, innovative green solutions. Together with our partners...
Namai pasauliui
Address: Kauno g. 93-16, LT-55179 Jonava.
Categories: ecological products; gyms; recruitment; sport and tourism goods.
n the YOGA CENTER take place: - Introductory yoga courses for BEGINNERS group (Yoga - 1); - Lessons for advanced in group (Open class); - INDIVIDUAL YOGA lessons. - MEDITATION and meditation primer; - Lectures, seminars; - Healthy diet courses; - YOGA weekend and summer CAMPS. This is a straightforward...
Boswellia LT
Address: L. Rėzos g. 6-8, LT-93101 Neringa.
Categories: ecological products.
We have been fascinated by Boswellia Sacra tree and its features from the first glance. This sacred tree has been recognized as a healing source by the old civilizations for centuries. We specialize in bringing the Frankincence products from Oman directly to your hands. High quality and your health is what we base...
Address: J. Savickio g. 4-7, LT-01108 Vilnius.
Categories: computers and software; consulting services.
Judicta, UAB is an IT Services based startup in Vilnius, Lithuania. We provide Business Intelligence, IT, and Remote Customer and Technical Support to our customers around the globe. We are passionate about providing the highest level of perfection. Our existing clients include Beauty / Wellness Product...
Amber Care
Address: Klevų g. 6, Skogalio k., LT-86465 Kelmės r.
Categories: guardianship and care institutions; labour exchange, employment; recruitment.
Amber Care is recruitment agency which specializes in health care business.
AAAA Europe Distribution
Address: A. Juozapavičiaus g. 9A-111, LT-09311 Vilnius.
Categories: wholesale; cosmetic, parfumery; hygiene goods.
In 2009 Gentle Day USA Ltd. in collaboration with the European company AAAA Europe Distribution has launched a new Gentle Day® brand into the European market. The main our focus is to develop ecological and natural products for feminine hygiene. Starting with sanitary napkins of exceptionally high quality with...
Valymo paslaugos, Auto SPA

Address: Pilaitės pr. 7, LT-05132 Vilnius.
Categories: cleaning services; carwash; domestic services; hygiene goods; landscaping; paper and its products; public utilities; work at heights.
We have gained experience, how to provide cleaning services in a quick and qualitative way, even under complicated conditions We provide every-day premise cleaning services, territory maintenance services, various other cleaning services, which can be ordered for one time only or a long-term contract can be...

Address: Kareivių g. 2A, LT-08248 Vilnius.
Categories: cosmetic, parfumery; chemical manufacturing; hygiene goods; wholesale.
MANILLA - natural skincare created with medical knowledge. MANILLA – innovative, effective and natural cosmetics brand that is created by a medical doctor. Our professional formulas are packed with carefully combined safe ingredients that ensure the top efficacy, innovative solutions, and ecological approach. Those...
Address: Ateities g. 10, LT-08303 Vilnius.
Categories: designing; architects; consulting services; examination and analysis; real estate; sertification services.
JSC "Medstatyba" buildings , structures, engineering networks , systems design engineering firm working since 1994. The company is preparing all of the projects is : architectural , structural, HVAC , medical gases , water - sewage , electrical engineering , etc. The company employs certified and experienced...
Aukštaitijos implantologijos klinika
Odontologija, dantų implantai, grožio paslaugos

Address: Stoties g. 1, LT-35137 Panevėžys.
Categories: odonthology, services; consulting services; examination and analysis; health care institutions; laboratories, equipment.
The Aukštaitijos Implantologijos klinika (the clinic of implantology) is one of the largest dental clinics in the Panevėžys region. It is located in a stylish and modern building with the latest technology and a great team of professional dentists. We apply the highest treatment standards in the clinic and carry...
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