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Address: A. Smetonos g. 8-2, LT-01115 Vilnius.
Categories: agriculture, services; consulting services; designing; examination and analysis.
Dorotėjos Daugėlaitės paramos fondas
Address: Beržų g. 19, Meškių k., LT-80195 Šiaulių r.
Categories: charity and support.
Melioracijos sistemų naudotojų asociacija "Daugėlaičiai"
Address: Klevų g. 24, Varnionių k., LT-82107 Radviliškio r.
Categories: corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
Radviliškio rajono savivaldybės administracijos Daugėlaičių seniūnija
Address: Daugėlaičių k., LT-82106 Radviliškio r.
Categories: wards.
Daugėlaičių kaimo bendruomenė
Address: Miško g. 1, Daugėlaičių k., LT-82106 Radviliškio r.
Categories: communities.
Pastatų administravimas

Address: Ukmergės g. 222, LT-07157 Vilnius.
Categories: building administration; cleaning services; doors, locks, keys; electroinstallation works; landscaping; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; plumbing; public utilities; thermal insolation, renovation; transportation; windows.
Address: Vakarės g. 7, Slengiai, LT-92342 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: customs services, customs; logistics services; transportation; warehouses.
Address: Smilčių g. 13, LT-66446 Druskininkai.
Categories: computer software development; internet, services.
Restti is all-in-one online reservations, bookings and appointments management platform oriented to businesses. We believe there are simplier, faster and more efficient ways to find & book a time than a phone call. We are offering online booking system for your business - it doesn't matter what kind (hourly or...
Arbatos Akademija
Address: Subačiaus g. 45-9, LT-11349 Vilnius.
Categories: entertainment and leisure.
The educational program, TEA PATH'' for children and adults of different countries tea drinking culture. Anyksciai region herbal teas. Herbal medicines, cultivation, manufacture and sale of mixtures in small quantities. TRAINING AND EVENTS health, and herbal topics. Teahouses ,,MAGIC TEA"in city ANYKSCIAI
Address: Draugystės g. 19, LT-51230 Kaunas.
Categories: advertising services; gifts, souvenirs; other activities; printing houses, publishing services.
UAB Diremta works in advertising since 1997. Our team of professional designers will create the right design for you. We manufacture products for: -manufacturing companies (labels , boxes, cover letters ...) -offices (forms, folders, business cards...) -exhibitions (stands, posters, catalogs ...) - events (...
Arbor Medical Corporation LT
Address: Baltų pr. 145, LT-47125 Kaunas.
Categories: medical equipment; health care institutions.

Address: Julijanavos g. 2, 1 aukštas, LT-46351 Kaunas.
Categories: advertising services; event organization; graphics, design.
Large-format digital printing: posters, photo wallpapers, canvas, banners, stickers, drawings, auto design, interior design, preparation for exhibitions, mobile stands Roll up ....
UAB "La Cure D.s.p"
Address: Didžioji g. 33, LT-01128 Vilnius.
Categories: cosmetic, parfumery.
Address: Ežero g. 4, Karčemų k., LT-82183 Radviliškio r.
Categories: driving schools; learning courses; motorcycles.
Address: Varnių g. 47-4, LT-48413 Kaunas.
Categories: other activities; manufacturing.
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