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Dantu laboratorija

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Dantų fabrikas
Address: Butrimonių g. 9-5, LT-50220 Kaunas.
Categories: odonthology, services; health care institutions; manufacturing.
Dantų gydytojas

Address: Vito Gerulaičio g. 1-26, LT-08200 Vilnius.
Categories: odonthology, services.
Our mission - to take care of professional and long-term health of your mouth. Services: Dental Implants, All-on-4 procedure, prosthesis, veneers, children's dental prosthetics, therapeutic treatment, aesthetic filling, X-rays, computerized diagnostics, tooth whitening, sedation, oral hygiene. DENTAL IMPLANTS...
BIOK laboratorija
Address: Ukmergės g. 451, Klevinė, LT-14199 Vilniaus r.
Categories: cosmetic, parfumery; manufacturing.
The BIOK Laboratory is founded by 5 scientists in biochemistry with a high passion to innovate with natural ingredients for our skin's healthy look. Already we count over 30 years of experience in the field of cosmetics by creating and producing natural and organic products enriched with plant-based, herbal...
Šypsenų laboratorija
NEODENTA odontologijos klinika

Address: Baltų pr. 49A, LT-48233 Kaunas.
Categories: odonthology, services; health care institutions.
Address: Kalvarijų g. 21-6A, LT-09313 Vilnius.
Categories: odonthology, services.
Dantų estetika
Address: Aukštaičių g. 62A, LT-50284 Kaunas.
Categories: manufacturing; odonthology, services.
Dantų protezų gamybos laboratorija
Address: Gedimino g. 42-51, LT-56126 Kaišiadorys.
Categories: odonthology, services.
Railos laboratorija
LAB 955

Address: Krokuvos g. 53-3, LT-09306 Vilnius.
Categories: health care institutions; manufacturing.
Dantų gaminimo ekspertai
Address: Kaminkelio g. 30-34, LT-02182 Vilnius.
Categories: odonthology, services.
UAB „E. Šatkutės dantų technikos laboratorija“
Address: Taikos pr. 48A-3, LT-91213 Klaipėda.
Categories: manufacturing; medical equipment.
G. Galvydžio Dantų Techniko Laboratorija
Address: Rimvydo g. 17, LT-50233 Kaunas.
Categories: health care institutions; laboratories, equipment; odonthology, services.
Dantų techniko Mažvydo Kekio laboratorija, MB
Address: Gedimino g. 42-50, LT-56126 Kaišiadorys.
Categories: odonthology, services.
Dantų technikų laboratorija
Address: Pavilnionių g. 31-31, LT-12135 Vilnius.
Categories: manufacturing; odonthology, services.
Jūsų laboratorija
Address: Aušros g. 1, Dabužiai I, LT-29271 Anykščių r.
Categories: odonthology, services; photography services, equipment.
Danutės Andrijauskienės dantų technikų laboratorija
Address: Birbynių g. 4, LT-02121 Vilnius.
Categories: health care institutions; manufacturing.
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