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Automobiliu in Alytus

JUNOMA, H. Krusniausko individuali veikla
Automobilių nuoma visą parą

Address: Miškininkų g. 11, LT-62200 Alytus.
Categories: car rental; cars; individual activity; insurance; passenger transport; tourism, travels, services; transportation.
Automobilių sporto klubas "PDM drift team"

Address: Pušyno g. 2, LT-62143 Alytus.
Categories: sport organizations.
Autoekologija, Lietuvos automobilių dujų įrangos montuotojų asociacija
Address: Santaikos g. 26G, LT-62123 Alytus.
Categories: auto services; corporations, unions, committees, foundations; gas, gas equipment.
Klasikinių automobilių servisas
Address: Vardos g. 85B, LT-62322 Alytus.
Categories: auto services.
Automobilių sporto klubas "Marimotorai"
Address: Santaikos g. 26, LT-62123 Alytus.
Categories: gyms.
Žūklė, J. Gruzdžio Automobilių Remonto
Address: Likiškėlių g. 8-4A, LT-63161 Alytus.
Categories: fishing and hunting equipment.
Alytaus Automobilių Kroso Klubas "Kėbulas"
Address: Ramuvos g. 22, Alytus.
Categories: sport organizations.
Valčių ir Automobilių Garažų Statybos ir Eksploatavimo Bendrija "Undinė"
Address: Topolių g. 14-58, Alytus.
Categories: parking.
Leono Bankovskio automobilių remonto įmonės Alytaus filialas
Address: Sakų g. 9, Alytus.
Categories: auto services.

Address: Naujoji g. 52, LT-62381 Alytus.
Categories: tourism, travels, services.
VA Statyba
Visi statybos darbai

Address: Naujoji g. 142A, LT-62175 Alytus.
Categories: building services; facade, decoration; machinery, equipment, rental; roofs, coverings, services; thermal insolation, renovation; walls, ceiling.
Alytaus kolegija
Address: Studentų g. 17, LT-62252 Alytus.
Categories: higher education institutions; learning courses.
Alytaus kolegija is a state university of applied sciences established in 2000 with the adoption of the new Law on Higher Education which introduced a binary system of Higher education in Lithuania. In the three faculties of Management, Technologies and ICT the students develop academic and professional competences...
Address: Sudvajų g. 22-13, LT-63281 Alytus.
Categories: car rental; cars; export; mediation.
Alytaus Melga
Address: Pramonės g. 4, LT-62175 Alytus.
Categories: auto services; car parts; car registration, check-up; tires, rims.
Motelis Linas

Address: Senoji g. 2, LT-62121 Alytus.
Categories: hotels, motels.
Motel „Linas“ Atvaizd038.jpgIt is situated in the very centre of Alytus, only a few steps from the town attractions and close to the green Town Park, a beloved place of the local people, as well as the Town Hall, restaurants, banks and many other institutions and offices where one can feel both - the rhythm of life...
Address: Naujoji g. 140, LT-62175 Alytus.
Categories: auto cosmetic, materials; auto services; car parts.

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Bank of Lithuania, 2019-07-18

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