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Address: Eigulių g. 2, (BMS Megapolis), LT-03150 Vilnius.
Categories: windows; building materials; building services; doors, locks, keys; export; facade, decoration; glass and glassware; interior materials; manufacturing.
Manufacturer of plastic windows, doors and glass terraces. We manufacture and install plastic windows of various shapes, plastic windows with vents, doors, terraces, internal partitions.
Address: Birželio 23-iosios g. 23G, LT-50220 Kaunas.
Categories: windows; doors, locks, keys; gates.
UAB Termo langai was founded in 2010 and has been successfully developing sales of windows, doors and garage door systems since then. Having started our activities during the hard times, we have gained experience and competitive advantages that have led us to recognition and trust by our clients. As a result, we...
EURO LANGAI [Utenos filialas]
Address: J. Basanavičiaus g. 127, Norfos parduotuvė, LT-28140 Utena.
Categories: windows; blinds, curtains, roller shades; building services; doors, locks, keys; manufacturing.
Tikri langai
Address: Palemono g. 5, LT-52159 Kaunas.
Categories: doors, locks, keys; glass and glassware; manufacturing; windows.
Reiklitos projektai
RPR Langai

Address: Visorių g. 8, LT-08300 Vilnius.
Categories: doors, locks, keys; windows.
EURO LANGAI [Moletų filialas]
Address: Vilniaus g. 95, IKI Parduotuvė, LT-33111 Molėtai.
Categories: windows; blinds, curtains, roller shades; building services; doors, locks, keys; manufacturing.
NORVI langai
Address: Liepų g. 27, Marijampolio k., LT-13210 Vilniaus r.
Categories: windows; doors, locks, keys.
Company's representatives are already available across Europe. JSC "NORVI langai" has cooperation treaties with German companies REHAU, WITAL, GEALAN. We also closely work with such well-known Western European companies as RENOLIT, SIEGENIA, INTERPANE, G-U, WINK HAUS and PILKINGTON. Company's main activities...
Švarūs langai

Address: Narcizų g. 10, Kulių k., LT-95407 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: cleaning services; domestic services; public utilities.
Address: Žalioji g. 3, Vydmantai, LT-97224 Kretingos r.
Categories: windows; blinds, curtains, roller shades; doors, locks, keys.
Amstos langai
Novus langai

Address: Dariaus ir Girėno g. 40, LT-02189 Vilnius.
Categories: manufacturing; windows.
Uostamiesčio langai
Address: Danės g. 9, LT-92117 Klaipėda.
Categories: doors, locks, keys; facade, decoration; manufacturing; windows.
Plaza langai

Address: Taikos pr. 131B, LT-51127 Kaunas.
Categories: doors, locks, keys; windows.
Edo langai
Address: P. Cvirkos g. 56-26, LT-77164 Šiauliai.
Categories: building services; doors, locks, keys; manufacturing; plumbing; windows.
Neo langai

Address: Paribio g. 12, LT-14268 Vilnius.
Categories: windows.
Larnetos langai
Address: Vytauto g. 16, LT-97131 Kretinga.
Categories: doors, locks, keys; windows.
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