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Žukauskas ir Ko, autoservisas
Address: Kertupio g. 16, Neveronys, LT-54486 Kauno r.
Categories: auto services; car registration, check-up.
UAB "A. Žukauskas & Co Law Group"
Address: Krašto g. 19, Radžiulių k., LT-15132 Vilniaus r.
Categories: legal services.
E. Žukauskas ir partneriai
Address: Nemuno g. 13, Kretingalės mstl., LT-96330 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: doors, locks, keys; manufacturing.
Šiltas namas
Address: Fabijoniškių g. 24A, LT-07100 Vilnius.
Categories: building services; designing; sertification services; thermal insolation, renovation.
The company is completing an energy-technical audit of edifices and separate engineering systems, edifice building (reconstruction, repairs) justifications, investment projects, opportunity researches, managing edifice building projects (including a multiroom innovation project managing), edifice energetic utility...
Vilniaus universitetas

Address: Universiteto g. 3, LT-01513 Vilnius.
Categories: export; higher education institutions; language courses.
The mission of Vilnius University is to create, accumulate and disseminate knowledge by ensuring continuity of authentic university culture distinguished by the atmosphere where old traditions and new ideas enrich each other. Freedom of thought and diversity of opinions are the main values of the University...
Gilės kromelis
Address: Laisvės pr. 117-79, LT-09303 Vilnius.
Categories: food delivery at home; food products; fruits; meat and meat products.
Address: Sedos g. 34A, LT-87101 Telšiai.
Categories: computers (maintenance, repair); computers and software; connection and telecommunication services; web development, hosting.
Silver Amber
Address: Šlaito g. 4, Užliedžių k., LT-54304 Kauno r.
Categories: jewelery and bijouterie; measurments, devices.
Silver-Amber is a manufacturing company from Lithuania, established in 2007. Our experience is more than 20 years. We are proud to offer a varied and exclusive high-quality amber and silver with amber jewellery. We offer a wide range of amber items: amber necklaces, collars, bracelets, baby necklaces and bracelets...
Tikrasis dažas
Address: Savanorių pr. 22, LT-03116 Vilnius.
Categories: building materials; paints and varnishes; retail; tools.
CUJO Baltic

Address: Lvovo g. 25-104, LT-09320 Vilnius.
Categories: computer software development; institutes, scientific researches; internet, services; other activities.
CUJO AI is the leading artificial intelligence company, delivering its services worldwide. We provide Network Operators revolutionary AI-driven solutions, including network security, device intelligence, and parental controls. We create technology that helps Network Operators to offer personalized end-user...
Lietuvos ir Ukrainos automobilistų asociacija
Address: Krivių g. 54, LT-01209 Vilnius.
Categories: corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
V. Žukausko Įmonė
Address: Baltų pr. 7A-2, LT-48259 Kaunas.
Categories: driving schools; learning courses.
Vilniaus Abraomo Kulviečio klasikinė gimnazija
Address: Gedvydžių g. 8, LT-06306 Vilnius.
Categories: comprehensive schools.
Address: Jurgiškių g. 14-5, LT-63141 Alytus.
Categories: logistics services; transportation.
Address: Pelesos g. 3, LT-02161 Vilnius.
Categories: building services; electroinstallation works; heating, equipment; plumbing.

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