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Company Vilko kailiniai

Vilko kailiniai, UAB


Kailiniai moterims, vyrams, vaikams..

Registration code 135672464
VAT LT356724610
Manager Vytautas Gylys
Address Viršuliškių g. 40, PC "MADA", LT-05112 Vilnius
Mobile phone Vilko Kailiniai Mobile phone
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://vilko-kailiniai.lt
Work hours I-VI: 10:00-21:00; VII: 10.00 - 18.00
Employees 9 people (insured) (company+branches)
SS insurer code 436408
Average salary 600.39 € (2020-06)
Social insurance taxes 1,123.07 € (2020-06)
SODRA (VSDFV) Due to the quarantine information about social security debt from 16 April temporarily will not be published.
Sales revenue 2019: 100 001 - 200 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Company age 19 years 10 months 1 day
9.7 / 10 (votes 3)
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Vilko kailiniai, UAB (Raudondvario pl. 101, LT-47184 Kaunas)


UAB "Vilko kailiniai" is Lithuanian company of original, high quality and comfortable fur. We manufacture and produce women's, men's and children's natural fur products. Warm and soft sheepskin, painted by the hands of the artists, decorated with fox fur.

We are always ready to fulfill every desire of yours. We will process and offer fur coats of the highest quality according to your wishes.

Every year we introduce new collections, we always follow global fashion trends, which makes our customers look fashionable and stylish.

Products made of natural fur - retail, wholesale. Fur modeling and sewing on orders.

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Vilko kailiniaiVilko kailiniai picturePhoto Vilko kailiniai (135672464)Vilko kailiniai company photosUAB "Vilko kailiniai" is LithuanianVilko kailiniai, UAB picturePhoto Vilko kailiniai, UAB (135672464)Vilko kailiniai, UAB company photosand fur theVilko kailiniaiVilko kailiniaiVilko kailiniaiVilko kailiniaiVilko kailiniaiVilko kailiniai
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