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Company Breitto

Breitto, UAB

TOP company 2021
Registration code 302531668
VAT LT100005553417
Manager Indrė Beržanskienė, direktorė
Address Šilutės pl. 49, ll-as aukštas, LT-92384 Klaipėda
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Additional phone Breitto Phone
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Website http://www.breitto.com
Employees 60 people (insured)
Average salary 2,752.60 € (women 2,787.89 €; men 2,703.86 €) (2022-03)
Social insurance taxes 34,735.69 € (2022-03)
Sales revenue 2020: 11 878 431 € Historical turnover »
Net profit 2020: 392 548 € More »
Transport 2022-01: 26 cars (uses)
Authorized capital 40,000.00 €
Company age 11 years 9 months 27 days
5.2 / 10 (votes 184)
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Cargo freight, rail, maritime, air freight - full package of transportation services. We arrange the shipment of cargo of all sizes, weight and categories. Urgent door to door deliveries are our specialty.
Regardless what your business needs to get transported we will take care of it. Dozens of companies across the Europe, Russia and rest of CIS countries entrust us daily with delivery of their cargo. At the customs we take care that your goods are processed properly and conditions applied are the most fit.
Transportation with us is safe, on time and at a reasonable price.

-Road freight services
-Air freight services
-Sea freight services
-Rail freight services
-Customs brokerage

Road freight forwarding services / Cargo services

Do you need to ship something to/from European Union or CIS countries? Our road freight forwarding services department is there to arrange the shipment for you. We have hundreds of vehicles available at hand. Breitto transport managers set the optimized routes to save your money and time. We will ship your cargo fast, safe and sound regardless of the size, weight, or transport hazard class (ADR shipping).

-Our customers get optimized routes for cost effective and timely delivery.
-We are specialized in deliveries from/to/within EU and CIS countries, yet - services are available across the world.
-Upon request your cargo can be delivered "Door to Door".
-Inter-modal freight services are available.
-You can track your cargo real-time.

Rail freight services | Railway Transportation

Size, weight or shape of your cargo makes it impossible to be transported by road or air? Choose rail transportation! We will arrange the route for you and handle the operations at the terminal on your behalf! Since Lithuania is the gateway from East to the West, we are experts in rail freight forwarding.

-Destinations in Baltic countries, CIS and EU.
-Handling of operations at the terminal for freight forwarding to the CIS, Central Asia, EU.
-Inter-modal freight services are available.
-Container train services are available from Vilnius and Klaipėda seaport:



We provide our customers with professional advice on loading, handling, transportation, provide customs brokerage, freight forwarding and tracking by rail services in the EU, the CIS and Central Asian countries.

Sea freight services | Sea Transportation

High loading capacity required? We say – sea freights! Containers that are used for sea transportation, protect goods against the risk of physical damage. They are safe to transport liquid, bulk or other types of cargo contents regardless of a season or weather conditions.

-We arrange shipping of cargo from terminal to terminal.
-Containers can fit irregular size, shape, weight or hazard level of cargo.
-Ships have high loading capacity, thus we recommend it for extensive loads.
-Inter-modal freight services available.

Air freight services

You need speed and maximum safety? Breitto air fright services are there to help. Air transport is definitely the fastest and most reliable way to ship your goods. Multiple directions and fast delivery makes air transportat perfect for urgent or sensitive goods regardless of the size of a cargo.

-Unlimited destinations.
-In planes temperature control can be set if necessary.
-We hold partnership with numerous trustworthy airlines. Therefore it allows us to arrange delivery anywhere around the world. More over, it gives us flexibility to choose optimal routes.
-Inter-modal freight services available.

Customs brokerage | Warehousing services

Our customers love customs brokerage services. Why? We hold them know-how. Our professionals take care of documentation at the customs, cover customs duties and makes sure fair system of customs duties is applied. We help to obtain permits, declare goods and cargo. Moreover, if needed, we do the warehousing for you! Forget the concerns of storage, preservation and preparation for safe shipment of your goods. It will be taken care of. You don't need to deal with complexity of the customs, we'll do it for you.

-Documentation at the customs.
-Coverage of customs duties.
-Obtaining permits.
-Declaration of goods.
-Arrangement of further transportation.

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