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Company R&R IDEAS


Putplasčio surinkimas ir perdirbimas

Gazele 2018-2019
Registration code 302470133
VAT LT100005107216
Manager Rūta Mieliauskienė
Address R. Kalantos g. 49, LT-52303 Kaunas
Phone R R Ideas Phone
Mobile phone R R Ideas Mobile phone
Fax R R Ideas Fax
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.rrideas.lt/lt/
Bank Swedbank
Account number LT237300010130592100
Work hours I - V 8.00 - 17.00 val.
Employees 26 people (insured)
SS insurer code 2040602
Average salary 1,372.61 € (2019-11)
Social insurance taxes 8,241.66 € (2019-11)
Sales revenue 2018: 5 000 001 - 10 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2019-10: 3 cars (1 owns, 2 uses)
Company age 10 years 15 days
6.9 / 10 (votes 60)


The main "R&R IDEAS" activities are purchasing, recycling and selling of Expanded polystyrene, polystyrene (EPS), plastic. We purchase wastes and off cuts of expanded polystyrene and EPS compacted blocks. We also purchase XPS (extruded polystyrene), wastes and scrap of PS which is suitable for recycling. Larger quantities of polystyrene wastes, off cuts and fish box's can be arranged for pick up by our company. We sell recycled GPPS pellets/granules. We also recycle plastics wastes of post production/industrial. We use latest modern plastic recycling equipment.

Recycled wastes are provided as the highest quality raw material in form of granules /pellets to companies /clients at competitive price.

Buy EPS waste, Salmon fishboxes, Salmon fish blocks,Salmon EPS, Salmon polistyrene, EPS recycling, plastic recycling, plstic waste recycling, Polistyrene, Compacted expanded polystyrene, EPS, expanded polistyrene, Extruded polistyrene, piolisttyrene waste, styropian,styropor,neopor,styrofoam,EPS blocks, XPS extruded polistyrene, Polistyrene regranulat, plastic granulation, polystyrene pellets, plastic scrap, plastic recycling, recycling waste.

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R&R IDEASR&R IDEAS picturePhoto R&R IDEAS (302470133)R&R IDEAS company photosThe main "R&R IDEAS" activities areUAB "R&R IDEAS" picturePhoto UAB "R&R IDEAS" (302470133)UAB "R&R IDEAS" company photosrecycling polystyrene polistyreneR&R IDEAS
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