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Company Latikana

Latikana, UAB


Registration code 302426902
VAT LT100007145018
Manager Vytautas Petraitis, direktorius
Address Jotvingių g. 15, LT-48124 Kaunas
Mobile phone Latikana Mobile phone
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.latikana.lt
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/latikanareklama/
Bank AB SEB bankas
Account number LT637044060007122838
Employees 4 people (insured)
SS insurer code 2027160
Average salary 635.75 € (2020-05)
Social insurance taxes 617.19 € (2020-05)
SODRA (VSDFV) Due to the quarantine information about social security debt from 16 April temporarily will not be published.
Sales revenue 2019: 100 001 - 200 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2020-04: 3 cars (2 owns, 1 uses)
Company age 10 years 10 months 27 days
6.3 / 10 (votes 55)
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UAB Latikana – advertising production and maintenance. Production of stickers, sticky labels, posters, flyers, invitations, diplomas, promotional stands and vinyl banners in Kaunas Promotional transport, passenger car, freight vehicle, bus and trolleybus wraps. Production of illuminated advertising, channel letters and lightboxes in Kaunas. Production of photo op backdrops, signs and house numbers in Kaunas. Window design and various other advertising services

UAB Latikana

Our company provides advertising production and maintenance services.

We have a strong, creative and reliable team whose ideas and innovativeness are an integral part of the work, and for whom quality and long-term results are a priority. Every customer is important and valued. Our company lives by the saying that ‘time is money’. We do all work related to advertising design, project coordination, advertising production, installation and maintenance.


Latikana produces stickers and sticky labels in various shapes and sizes. Production volumes vary. From one piece to large runs.


Custom vehicle decals and wraps. The company offers vehicle wrap design and rendering as well as standard advertising decals.


The company offers various printing services.

  • Offset printing

  • Digital printing

  • Wide-format printing on paper, vinyl banners, stickers, canvas, wallpaper murals, backlit film, etc.

  • The company designs and produces flyers, posters, invitations, diplomas, business cards and other merchandise in various sizes and designs.

  • Sticker cutting


Latikana offers its clients high quality outdoor advertising production services.

  • Lightbox production

  • Channel letter production

  • Production of illuminated advertising

  • 3D foam advertisements

  • Production of vinyl banners

  • Production and application of stickers.

  • Production of advertising stands

  • Production of various promotional signs, street signs and numbers

  • Production of stands

  • Various products made from acrylic glass

  • Product installation

  • Photo op backdrop production.


Design and production of various decorations for your corporate events, birthdays.


The company offers window design and application services.

Window chain design, product placement and installation


If the customer wishes, we can carefully maintain and clean everything we make so that it serves you for a long time.


We have newly equipped retail premises of different sizes (60–350 m2) available for rent in the Taubūčiai Shopping Plaza at Jotvingių g. 15 Kaunas, next to the road leading to PLC Mega. This is a busy, visible location in the most populated neighbourhood in Kaunas. The premises are equipped with ventilation, a WC and an alarm system, and there is a car park next to the building. For more information, call +37060025747

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