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Insurer Insema social security payments and debts

UAB Insema social security debt information

Insema (SS insurer code 2027539, company code 302428198) 2021-04-09 had no social security debts.
Insema social security debts

Social security payments and debt history:

from 2021-03-16 to 2021-04-09 had no social security debts (postponed 31958.34 EUR)
from 2021-03-04 had 818.19 EUR social security debt (postponed 31679.77 EUR)
from 2021-03-01 had 2547.09 EUR social security debt (postponed 31958.34 EUR)
from 2021-02-17 had 15525.88 EUR social security debt (postponed 18979.55 EUR)
from 2021-01-14 had no social security debts (postponed 18940.33 EUR)
from 2020-12-18 had no social security debts (postponed 18979.55 EUR)
from 2020-12-17 had 4592.51 EUR social security debt (postponed 18979.55 EUR)
from 2020-11-24 had no social security debts (postponed 18979.55 EUR)
from 2020-11-17 had 4633.23 EUR social security debt (postponed 18979.55 EUR)
from 2020-09-16 had no social security debts (postponed 18979.55 EUR)
from 2010-04-16 to 2020-09-15 information about social security debt was not published due to the COVID-19 pandemic
from 2020-03-17 had 4091.19 EUR social security debt
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