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Stipriausi Lietuvoje 2017-2020
Registration code 301492803
VAT LT100008580017
Manager Danius Stražinskas, direktorius
Address Konstitucijos pr. 12-202, LT-09308 Vilnius
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Bank AB SEB bankas
Account number LT457044060006272666
Work hours I-V 9:00 - 18:00
Employees 5 people (insured)
SS insurer code 940996
Average salary 277.60 € (2021-06)
Social insurance taxes 335.78 € (2021-06)
Sales revenue 2019: 50 001 - 100 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Authorized capital 2,896.00 €
Company age 13 years 7 months 7 days
8.0 / 10 (votes 37)
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UAB Analitika is an audit and consulting company that has operated since 2007. The Republic of Lithuania included UAB Analitika on their 2014 list of audit companies.

At UAB Analitika, we provide professional audit, accounting, financial management, and business consulting services to companies and their managers. We apply individual recommendations, which we compiled based on a consistent analysis of existing needs. UAB Analitika is a member of the Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors, Lithuanian Association of Accountants and Auditors, Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, BNI Business Relations Development Organization.


  • Audit of financial statements and activities;
  • Accounting, taxes, financial management;
  • Consultations on business organization issues.



Implementation of audit and assurance tasks of corporate financial statements in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA). The company specialists have accumulated many years of experience providing audit services to state, municipal and private businesses, projects financed by international funding, regulated and licensed operators, political parties, political campaigns, and movie manufacturers.

The performance of the (internal) audit tasks – We aim to evaluate your company’s activity, organization, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the activities of enterprises. Based on the operational (internal) audit results, we help our clients develop improvement programs and strategies for development and growth. We advise and provide methodical support for implementing our recommendations and programs.

An additional benefit for clients–While performing audit services, we provide free consultations on accounting methodology, tax calculation, and declaration issues.


Provision of complex accounting services. We provide a full accounting of the client's business, from forming accounting policies to the preparation of declarations and reports and submission to the company's management and controlling institutions. Services are provided remotely: conveniently, quickly, and reliably. The management shall be able to obtain all necessary information for managing the company promptly.

Tax optimization. We provide advice on tax calculation and declaration issues. We provide information on tax incentives and legal tax optimization possibilities.

Provision of corporate financial management services. We help companies control the profitability of their operations and projects. We assist with optimizing costs while monitoring and analysing performance, making budgets, and managing the working capital and risks.

An additional benefit for customers - during the provision of accounting services, we assess the client’s financial condition free of charge; and provide consultations on labour and civil law issues.


Provision of business mentoring and consulting services to companies that seek to prepare and implement growth and change strategy and optimize and coordinate strategic activities: structure, internal culture, business processes, internal and external communication, customer servicing standards, financial and personnel management, control system, and risk management.

Consultation on corporate organization issues: establishment, liquidation, reorganization, restructuring, bankruptcy.

Additional benefits for customers - We provide free consultations for business start-ups. We offer a complex set of services for small companies at a favorable price. Such as accounting services, consulting on financial management, law, and organization of company activities.


We provide services quickly, conveniently and reliably. We have years of experience solving the tasks of our wide range of clients. We are highly professional specialists that help companies and their managers assess their current situation, solve issues and implement business development.

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