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Company TOKĖ LT


Porolono kempinių, šluosčių, šveistukų gamyba ir didmeninė prekyba

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Registration code 301852692
VAT LT100004290013
Manager Algis Šlapelis
Address Pieninės g. 15, Čičinų k., LT-55243 Jonavos r.
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Website http://www.toke.lt
Bank "Swedbank", AB, b.k. 7300
Account number LT667300010142105420
Work hours Administracijos darbo laikas I-V 8-17val. (su pietų pertrauka)
Employees 37 people (insured)
Average salary 1,567.76 € (women 1,424.72 €; men 1,894.72 €) (2022-06)
Social insurance taxes 11,276.42 € (2022-06)
Sales revenue 2021: 3 417 028 € Historical turnover »
Net profit 2021: 162 507 € More »
Transport 2022-07: 2 cars (owns)
Authorized capital 30,000.00 €
Company age 13 years 10 months 27 days
7.2 / 10 (votes 45)


TOKĖ LT, UAB was established in 2008 but have experience of 16 years in Home care business. Produce of cleaning items started in Lithuania in 2000. In order to optimize business the company has been reorganized and took over the homecare product portfolio completely.

Company‘s main activities – foam sponge produce and.

Cleaning products wholesale in Lithuania. Export – Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, England, Sweden, Portugal.

We offer our clients products according to their requirements and with their private label.



Kitchen sponges – foam sponges with fibre. Perfect for dish and pot cleaning. Removes dirt efficiently. Different types: traditional dish sponges, sponges with nailguard, sponges with special non scratching fibre for sensitive and delicate surfaces.

Scourers – metal scourers for efficient dish and pot cleaning. Produce and wholesale of metal scourers.

Sponge cloths – high quality wet cloths. Made from cellulose. Highly absorbent, perfect for wet surface wiping. Long lasting. Sponge cloths wholesale.

Multipurpose cloths – heavy non woven cloths. Highly absorbent. For dry and wet wiping.

Melamine sponges – removes marks of markers, shoes and other dirt from any type of surfaces. To use with water. No combination with other cleansers is required. Eco-friendly.

Sponges with LOGO – logo print on the sponge. Produce, wholesale, export.


Car washing sponges – soft foam sponges for car cleaning.

Sponges with shampoo – foam sponges with shampoo. Easy to use, efficient foaming, no need of additional cleaners.

Sponges with silicone – foam sponges with silicone for car dashboard cleaning. Quick and easily restores car‘s dashboard. Suitable for shoes and other leather items.

Car bug removal sponge – foam sponge 2 in 1. Soft and rough sides for hard to clean dirt and bugs.


Soft sponges – foam sponges for bodycare. For gentle and relaxing cleaning.

Massage sponge – foam sponge with massage layer. Tonic and relaxing. Massage sponge produce and wholesale.
Sponges for children – foam sponges for children. Playful shapes: butterfly, hippopotamus and duck.

Modern equipment provides more produce, packing and marking possibilities. All products quality and safe. Product testing and control assure high quality standarts. Our suppliers conform strick quality, social responsibility and environmental protectrion regulations.

TOKĖ LT became authorized Spontex distributor in Lithuania and Latvia. Spontex was created in 1932 in France and is the international brand for Home Care. Wide assortment. More information about products - www.spontex.lt .

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