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Company Taktikos

UAB Taktikos

Registration code 304749263
VAT LT100011683912
Manager Aidas Gruodys
Address K. Donelaičio g. 77, LT-47308 Kaunas
Mobile phone Taktikos Mobile phone
Email address Contact by email »
Website https://www.taktikos.lt
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/uabtaktikos
Bank SWED bankas
Account number LT757300010166953166
Employees 3 people (insured)
Average salary 324.75 € (2021-07)
Social insurance taxes 314.00 € (2021-07)
Sales revenue 2020: 31 194 € Historical turnover »
Net profit 2020: 1 213 € More »
Transport 2021-07: 3 cars (2 owns, 1 uses)
Authorized capital 2,648.00 €
Company age 3 years 8 months
8.4 / 10 (votes 32)
Report Professional report about the company More »


UAB Taktikos (Ltd) is a team of investigators, analysts, negotiators and business professionals providing qualified consulting, research and representation services to both businesses and private clients. We provide consultations on matters related to business, property and personal security, provide assistance in negotiations, represent our clients in resolving disputes, work with fraud prevention, and investigate cases of illegal activity.

We do what we know how to do best by following these principles:

  • Less talk, more action.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and trust..
  • Seeing challenges as opportunities.



Every legal person or individual must adequately defend his interests, otherwise there is a risk of unplanned losses. In most cases, such a necessity arises when a contract is planned to sign and both counter-parties negotiate the most favorable terms, so the success of your contract depends on the negotiations. In such cases, we recommend using a professional negotiator who has valuable experience in negotiations and can help to properly defend your and your business interests even before signing the contract.

What does this service cover?
The negotiator could assist both before and after the conclusion of the contract (mediation). Mediation helps to avoid lengthy trials by finding a way out without the help of a court.


Abuse of entrusted power for personal gain is called corruption. Lithuania is ranked 35th out of 180 in terms of perception of corruption (source: Transparency International, 2020), but these are only official statistics and the real figures can be much worse. Fraud is one form of corruption that can be detected in state institutions, companies, etc. Last year alone, 2264 fraud crimes were registered in Lithuania, resulting in huge losses for legal and natural persons.

What does this service cover?
An internal investigation is carried out in the enterprise, investigated by simulating situations, using intelligence methods, staff. A detailed report for company managers and owners is presented afterwards.


In business sectors with high competition, the quality of service provision becomes an important competitive factor. In order to maintain the quality of services, not only periodic training of employees is required, but also an assessment of the quality of services. With the help of a secret client service, a business can assess the level of quality of service and identify places that must be improved.

What does this service cover?
Describes the service and identifies the quality of service parameters to be investigated (e.g. courtesy, service knowledge, etc.), and the secret client service is implemented by an experienced team.


According to our experience, almost 90% of companies have security vulnerabilities, but not all managers are aware of this. A small security gap can develop into a significant loss in the future, so it is important that even a small gap is identified and future losses of assets or goodwill loss are prevented.

What does this service cover?
Prior to the provision of the service, the company undergoes a business security audit that identifies potential threats and security vulnerabilities. An effective strategy is developed that reduces threats and maintains an adequate level of security (preventive measures such as asset protection, implementation of video surveillance systems, etc.).


Being in multiple locations at once is the essence of the representation service. Individuals and legal persons are represented when there is a need to represent them in legal acts (e.g. when it is necessary to sign for a representative in public institutions), also during negotiations, sales, purchases, business management situations etc.

Potential clients – Lithuanian citizens who have emigrated and live in other countries but have concerns or affairs in Lithuania. We also provide these services to individuals who are unable to represent themselves for various reasons: sickness, long-term posting, busy agenda, legal ignorance, incapacity.

What does this service cover?
An individual or legal person authorizes a representative to represent specific actions (or ongoing actions, e.g. to represent company), by means of a power of attorney, which is certified by a notary (if the representative is a legal person, a notary approval is not required). Then the act of representation occurs.

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