STORM media LT turnover for the year

STORM media LT, MB revenue, profit

STORM media LT turnover for the year

Non-current assets 571 € 639 € 4 661 €
Current assets 31 908 € 35 162 € 38 599 €
Equity capital 24 545 € 8 629 € 10 570 €
Amounts payable and other liabilities
Sales revenue 75 728 € 125 942 € 188 176 €
Profit (loss) before taxes 24 545 € -15 916 € 5 552 €
Profit before taxes margin 32,41 % -12,64 % 2,95 %
Net profit (loss) 24 545 € -15 916 € 5 274 €
Net profit margin 32,41 % -12,64 % 2,80 %

Source of information: State enterprise "Registrų centras" (without changes, license).
  • Non-current assets - assets that will be used by the company for more than a year.
  • Current assets - comprise receivables, short-term tangible assets, inventories, prepaid expenses, other receivables, and cash.
  • Equity (owner's equity) - this is what remains from the total assets after deducting the sum of liabilities.
  • Liabilities - these are the company's long-term and short-term debts to suppliers, employees, creditors, the government, etc.
  • Sales revenue - the increase in economic benefits during the reporting period due to the sale of goods and services.
  • Profit before taxes - all the company's income minus all the company's expenses.
  • Profit before taxes margin - the ratio of profit before taxes to sales revenue.
  • Net profit - this is the company's income after deducting all the expenses and taxes.
  • Net profit margin - the ratio of net profit to sales revenue.
STORM media LT turnover, EUR

The chart provides the company STORM media LT, MB 305575100 annual sales revenue. The company's turnover - is received and declared earnings for the year. K means thousands. M means million. > means "more than".

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