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Number of employees in SMARTDESIGN LT

SMARTDESIGN LT, UAB employees (insured)

In the company SMARTDESIGN LT (insurer code 2209522, company code 303033930) at 2018-03-22 worked 7 employees (insured).
Number of employees (insured) in SMARTDESIGN LT

Employees (insured) number history:

2017-10-19 had 7 employees (insured)
2016-09-30 had 6 employees (insured)
2016-06-19 had 5 employees (insured)
2016-02-19 had 6 employees (insured)
2016-02-04 had 5 employees (insured)
2015-12-05 had 4 employees (insured)

Data from State Social Insurance Fund Board Under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.

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