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Company Scaent Baltic

Scaent Baltic, UAB

Registration code 300661378
VAT LT100003221512
Address Jogailos g. 9, LT-01116 Vilnius
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Website http://www.scaent.lt
Work hours I-V 08.00-17.00
Employees 11 people (insured)
Average salary 2,298.72 € (2022-12)
Social insurance taxes 4,147.01 € (2022-12)
Net profit 2021: 2 726 351 € More »
Transport 2023-01: 5 cars (2 owns, 3 rents/leases) More »
Authorized capital 289,620.00 €
Company age 15 years 10 months 12 days
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4.8 / 10 (votes 24)


Scaent Baltic" an investment enterprise has the mission to carry out investment activity by drawing attention to a stable added value increase for every investment object, develop long-termed and reliable partnership relations which would be based on business expansion, confidence and a socially responsible approach. All of this can be achieved only by planned and responsible operation, not waiting for daily benefit and easy profit but sharing one's profit with others. Therefore, when responsibly expanding its activity in Lithuanian and other Baltic countries, developing long-termed relations, we assume today, the time when we are celebrating the thousand years anniversary of the Lithuania's name, it is extremely important to understand the meaning of social business responsibility. Thus, by supporting childrens homes and cooperating with non-governmental organizations, we not only return what we owe to the society but contribute to creation of a more qualified life for everyone and at the same time assure better conditions for all business.

"Scaent Baltic" is a part of the international "Scaent" family

"Scaent Baltic" is a member of "Scaent Group" . The same as the controlling group managing enterprises in 12 countries and developing business in two continents, "Scaent Baltic" refers to companies acquisition and investments into business projects as its main business direction. Even though "Scaent Baltic" started implementing its activity in Lithuania only in 2007, at present, together with its business partners, the enterprise runs more than 25 companies that operate in various economic sectors, including real estate projects development, media and publishing services, financial services and consulting, energetics, manufacturing etc.
Based on its basic values, such as stability, responsibility, constant development, having no fear to take non-standard solutions and being able to use the latest Lithuanian and foreign countries's experience and also innovations, "Scaent Baltic" seeks for the highest results.
In 2007, the incomes of the companies that are managed by "Scaent Baltic", exceeded 210 mln. Litas; whereas, in 2008, - 450 mln. Litas, in 2009 - 405 mln. Litas. Moreover, the enterprise by establishing its daughter company SIA "Scaent Baltic Latvia" , expanded its activity beyond the borders of Lithuania and is striving to strengthen its activity there as a solid investment company. At the same time, the positions of "Scaent Baltic" are being strengthened in the Baltic countries, too.

Real Estate

By diversifying its activity, "Scaent Baltic" has invested in the development of real estate and together with its partners is running a freetime apartments complex, "Vanagupės namai" situated in Palanga. In 2006, the already mentioned complex was awarded by the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association for the best "Second Home" conception. "Scaent Baltic" also owns several enterprises in the biggest Lithuanian cities and their suburbs. Since the territorries are located in strategically important development areas, "Scaent Baltic" strategy is based on long-termed projects as due to that, despite market fluctuation, "Scaent Baltic" manages to develop further real estate projects in Lithuania.


Among the companies run by "Scaent Baltic" there are also two more enterprises - the joint stock company "East Europe Investment Group" and also "Scaent Baltic Investment" . Both of the mentioned enterprises actively take part in stock papers tarding in both - national and international markets. In addition, they both invest their capital into small-sized and medium companies having a strong potential for further stable development. Moreover, "East Europe Investment Group" and "Scaent Baltic Investment" provide financial management consulting services, help with merging and acquisition contracts, enterprise restructurization procedures as well as consult concerning the questions of capital attraction, shares as well as business value determination and increase.

Publishing and media

Joint -stock company "Scaent Baltic" actively participates in publishing and advertising sectors which are occupied by some secondary enterprises implementing their activities there.
During 2007, the publishing house "Versus Aureus" 20 % increased its market part; whereas in 2008, after acquiring the publishing house "Gimtasis žodis" , "Versus Aureus" is currently occupying one of the leading positions in terms of its humanitarian-social tendency in books publishing in Lithuania. The enterprise called "Franchise media" publishes for world readers well-known fashion magazine "L'Officiel" . Other company - "Intelligent Media" publishes magazine "intelligent L ife" wich belongs to world famous weekly newspaper "The Economist". Worth to mension localy well known journal "IQ", which publishes selected articles from "The Economist".
Energetics Sector

SC "Scaent Baltic" being an expert in this field, actively invests in the sector of energetics. Currently, the Baltic countries are seeking to set up a common energetics market and join the Scandinavian electric trade exchange "Nordpool". A part of the company‘s staff has a long experience working in this exchange market, actively and successfully cooperate with the Baltic countries, Russia, Belorus and Ukraine. This activity makes the company unique not only in the Lithuanian extent.
The company when aiming to provide its partners and clients with as better services as possible and expand its activity, apart from wholesale trade of electric energy in the region energetics sector, can offer for the Lithuanian business clients and public sector retail electric energy supply, too. In addition, starting with the year 2009, the company is capable of providing individual maintenance services.

The joint-stock company "Scaent Baltic" is a socially responsible enterprise

As a matter of fact, when managing a dynamic and fast-growing group, it is seeking to become one of the leading and most active enterprises in the business environment. At the same time, the enterprise is realizing its vision as a socially responsible entity. The company focuses much attention on appropriate behaviour with both customers and emplyoees as well as the assurance of high quality life for future generations; therefore, "Scaent Baltic" valuable direction is investements in the education of young people. The company relies on the whole life-lasting learning principle and society progress; therefore, pays much attention to society education programs, support and encourage talented people. "Scaent Baltic" realizes that the progress in not possible without educated and intellectual people. In addition, a harmonious society and business development is likely to take place only when there is a link with education. Following the basic principals of ethics and honest partnership in all spheres, "Scaent Baltic" makes efforts to create a better, more responsible and educated world. In 2008, the enterprise group established a fund for the best students from Vytautas Magnus University, the faculty of Economics and Management. Moreover, aiming to contribute to personal freedom and responsibility; free market and restricted government intervention ideas, "Scaent Baltic" supports the Lithuanian Free Market Institute.

Finance services
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