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Company ORLEN Lietuva

ORLEN Lietuva, AB

Registration code 166451720
VAT LT664517219
Manager Generalinis direktorius Michal Rudnicki
Address Mažeikių g. 75, Juodeikių k., LT-89453 Mažeikių r.
Phone Orlen Lietuva Phone
Fax Orlen Lietuva Fax
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.orlenlietuva.lt
Employees 1,458 people (insured)
Average salary 3,743.68 € (women 2,955.49 €; men 4,041.21 €) (2022-06)
Social insurance taxes 1,130,303.98 € (2022-06)
Sales revenue 2021: 4 263 826 000 € Historical turnover »
Transport 2022-07: 131 car (13 owns, 118 uses)
Authorized capital 5,793,562.00 €
Company age 31 year 6 months 22 days
Report Professional report » 79 Eur only until Aug 31st
5.1 / 10 (votes 145)


Public Company ORLEN Lietuva is a petroleum refining company operating the only petroleum refinery in the Baltic States as well as crude oil and petroleum product network and marine terminal.

Production and sales of petroleum products are the key areas of activity of the Company. Oil refinery processes approximately 10 million tons of crude oil a year.

Public Company ORLEN Lietuva is one of the most well-known companies whose impact on Lithuanian economy is considerable. It is the largest tax payer in the state, the company having the biggest revenue in Lithuania and one of the largest exporters of the country.

The Company is the most important supplier of petrol and diesel fuel in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Company’ products are also exported to Western Europe, USA, Ukraine, and other countries.

Currently the Company caries out Modernization Program, objectives of which are performance efficiency increase and product quality improvement as well as occupational safety and preservation of the environment to the future generations.

Polish oil concern Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A., the leader of oil refining sector in Eastern and Western Europe, is the only shareholder of Public Company ORLEN Lietuva.

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ORLEN Lietuva
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