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Company Nėgė

Nėgė, UAB

SST-Skubių siuntų tarnyba, tarptautinis gabenimas

Registration code 149872578
VAT LT100000834210
Manager Alvydas Murauskas
Address Europos pr. 83, LT-46333 Kaunas
Phone Nege Phone
Mobile phone Nege Mobile phone
Additional phone Nege Phone
Additional phone Nege Phone
Fax Nege Fax
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.nege.lt
Bank Luminor Bank AB
Account number LT694010042500473385
Work hours I-V 08.00-17.00
Employees 91 person (insured)
SS insurer code 563439
Average salary 1,155.52 € (2020-10)
Social insurance taxes 18,905.45 € (2020-10)
Sales revenue 2019: 5 000 001 - 10 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2020-10: 95 cars (50 owns, 45 uses)
Company age 24 years 11 months 15 days
5.4 / 10 (votes 195)
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UAB NĖGĖ logistics company provides express delivery services, cargo transportation and integrated logistics services to the Lithuanian market and be neighbouring EU countries. Our aim is to offer the widest possible range of express and high-quality services, quick solutions, and to ensure our clients business success.

For us, every clients is important. We will help to solve your transport and logistics problems. We can grow together. The greatest acknowledgement of our client is confidence in us, and recommendations.

Nėgė’s mission is to be a fast and reliable express delivery and logistics partner.

Nėgė’s vision is to become the express transportation company offering the fastest and most efficient service.


  • Services to juridical persons
  • Express service
  • ECO service
  • Additional services
  • Cargo delivery to & from other countries
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Bank of Lithuania, 2020-12-04