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Company Napsita

Napsita, UAB

Bendrieji statybos ir rekonstrukcijos darbai

TOP company 2021
Registration code 302855054
VAT LT100010826315
Manager Kristina Stanevičiūtė-Galdikė, direktorė
Address Plungės g. 33B, LT-87329 Telšiai
Mobile phone Napsita Mobile phone
Accountant phone Napsita Accountant phone
Additional phone Napsita Phone
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.napsita.lt
Work hours Administracija I-IV 08:00-17:00; V 08:00-16:00 pietų pertrauka 12:00-13:00
Employees 82 people (insured)
Average salary 1,165.29 € (women 1,026.27 €; men 1,175.82 €) (2021-10)
Social insurance taxes 20,418.87 € (2021-10)
Sales revenue 2020: 2 335 556 € Historical turnover »
Net profit 2020: 25 268 € More »
Transport 2021-10: 9 cars (owns)
Authorized capital 2,896.00 €
Company age 9 years 2 months 27 days
6.1 / 10 (votes 48)
Report Professional report about the company More »




"General construction and reconstruction work"

Construction works, reconstruction works, foundation digging, paving.

Company description

Napsita, UAB all construction and reconstruction work, interior and exterior finishing works. Installation of building foundations, walls, ceilings, roofs, partitions, stairs, windows and doors. Planting, paving and other landscaping work. Renovation of buildings that do not meet the norms of construction and thermal characteristics.

Reconstruction, building renovation

  • Building modernization solutions improve the aesthetic, physical, mechanical and other operational properties of buildings. We ensure the energy efficiency of the house, longevity of operation and aesthetic environment. Renovation of buildings that no longer meet the norms of construction and thermal characteristics
  • Building construction and renovation works, building renovation and insulation works in Lithuania
  • Renovation of private housing, home insulation renovation, modernization of buildings throughout Lithuania
  • Renovation of apartment buildings
  • Renovation of public buildings, reconstruction of public buildings, renovation of commercial buildings and reconstruction of commercial buildings
  • Renovation of industrial buildings
  • Renovation of cultural heritage objects

Finishing work

  • Wall painting and ceiling painting, wall preparation, slicing, wall leveling and ceiling leveling works
  • Wall, ceiling wallpapering with paper wallpaper, fiberglass, vinyl, textile and non-woven wallpaper
  • Insulation of internal walls with wool, or polystyrene foam works between the carcass
  • Ceiling preparation (armstrong) for installation of metal profiles and installation of OSB panels on the prepared frame
  • Installation of finishing corners, installation of edging painting
  • Puttying, priming and scrubbing
  • Plasterboard installation
  • Floor concreting, partition concreting, parquet laying, parquet varnishing, laminate installation
  • Tiling
  • Floor priming and waterproofing installation
  • Installation of partition frame, installation of wooden partitions, installation of metal partitions and installation of metal frame

Outdoor finishing work

  • Home insulation wool, or foam polystyrene works
  • Outdoor facade treatment with siding or facade forging with siding, outdoor facade treatment with decorative plaster
  • Exterior door installation and interior door installation, window installation and opening processing
  • Outdoor window sill installation, processing
  • Outdoor external waterproofing installation (roll, mixture)
  • Installation of outdoor walls from thermal profiles

Roof works

  • Old roof demolition works
  • Wooden hanging installation work
  • Pitched roof heating wool between the rafter’s installation
  • Roof installation work with a roof opening
  • Roof sound insulation installation work
  • Gutter installation work
  • Ventilation chimney installation work
  • Slate, steel, bituminous tile installation work
  • Rainwater installation work

Constructions, construction installation

  • Installation of bored foundations
  • Foundation installation, foundation grating installation
  • Installation of concrete floors
  • Masonry of walls, masonry of building walls
  • Assembly of wooden building structures
  • Assembly of wooden frames
  • Roof construction installation


  • Yard, garden, lawn planting works
  • Laying lawn curbs
  • Paving and clinker paving
  • Spatial planning (leveling)
  • Excavation and removal of soil

Plumbing works

  • Plumbing works, pipeline installation
  • Indoor and outdoor plumbing work
  • Installation of plumbing equipment, installation of sanitary appliances
  • Plumbing, pipeline construction, indoor water supply and outdoor water supply
  • Installation of indoor and outdoor sewage systems
  • Construction of wastewater treatment plants, construction of pumping stations, construction of wells, construction of water supply networks throughout Lithuania
  • Sewerage installation and sewerage repair
  • Sewerage installation, local sewerage construction, outdoor sewerage construction and indoor sewerage construction in Lithuania
  • Connection of the coil, connection of the whole set of the sink
  • Bathroom connection, toilet connection and concealed toilet connection, faucet connection, shower tray installation and shower enclosure installation
  • Radiator connection, washing machine connection, dishwasher connection
  • Construction of drainage systems in Lithuania
  • Water well installation
  • Repair of sanitary facilities

Electrical installation and design work

  • Construction of electrical networks
  • Electrical installation works, interior installation works, electrical installation
  • Installation of sockets, installation of luminaires, installation of circuit breakers
  • Installation of the inlet panel, laying of the floor heating cable
  • Resistance measurements

Construction machinery rental

  • Bobcat rental, bobcat services
  • Mini loader, mini loader rental
  • Dump truck with crane rental, wheel excavator rental
  • Crane rental and crane services
  • Modular masonry scaffolding for rent in Telšiai.

UAB Napsita is a Lithuanian company operating throughout Lithuania and Sweden, which is located in a strategically favorable geographical location with western countries in Telšiai.

The company aims to remain on the market as a reliable and quality-guaranteeing company that responds flexibly to customer requirements.

Areas of activity:

  • construction
  • Planting and landscaping
  • Electrical installation work
  • Facade, facade decoration
  • Demolition, drilling
  • Designing
  • Plumbing
  • Walls, ceilings
  • Roofing, services
  • Insulation, renovation

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Norwegian krone
NOK 0.0979 €
Swedish krona
SEK 0.0978 €
Swiss franc
CHF 0.9590 €
Turkish lira
TRY 0.0659 €
Ukrainian hryvnia
UAH 0.0325 €
Bank of Lithuania, 2021-12-02