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Insurer MEPCO social security payments and debts

MEPCO, UAB social security debt information

MEPCO (SS insurer code 374639, company code 301533164) 2022-08-11 had no social security debts.
MEPCO social security debts

Social security payments and debt history:

from 2022-02-08 to 2022-08-11 had no social security debts
from 2022-01-31 had 6.58 EUR social security debt
from 2019-10-17 had no social security debts
from 2019-10-16 had 2065.08 EUR social security debt
from 2019-08-14 had no social security debts
from 2019-08-02 had 20.03 EUR social security debt
from 2019-05-20 had no social security debts
from 2019-05-16 had 8431.06 EUR social security debt
from 2019-04-25 had no social security debts
from 2019-04-16 had 7823.13 EUR social security debt
from 2018-02-19 had 2259.97 EUR social security debt
from 2017-11-21 had no social security debts
from 2017-11-16 had 2242.30 EUR social security debt

Data from State Social Insurance Fund Board Under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.
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