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Company Lietuvos muzikų sąjunga

Lietuvos muzikų sąjunga


Registration code 190749274
VAT LT907492716
Manager Audronė Nekrošienė, prezidentas
Address Gedimino pr. 32-2, LT-01104 Vilnius
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Website http://www.muzikusajunga.lt
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/muzikusajunga.lt/
Account number LT517300010002450037
Work hours I-V 10.00-17.00
Employees 2 people (insured)
SS insurer code 52128
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Sales revenue 2018: 100 001 - 200 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Company age 24 years 7 months 17 days
9.0 / 10 (votes 11)
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Lithuanian Musicians’ Union (LMS) is a non-profit, community-based, creative association bringing together artists, musical groups, composers, music critics, researchers and educators. Founded in 1936 and restored in 1989, Lithuanian Musicians’ Union continues active tradition of Lithuanian Musics’ Society.

In 1936 prominent musics of the time – Nikodemas Martinonis, Juozas Karosas, Konradas Kaveckas, Antanas Budriunas, Klemensas Griauzdė and others, brought together musicians of different genres in Lithuanian Musicians Society in Kaunas.

It was a significant turning point in the development of musical culture. The approved statutes of the Society indicated that the main "goal is to educate its members in the field of music, and raise the culture of choirs and the art of music". Implementing the provisions of the statutes, the Society began to systematically and actively participate in matters of musical culture, lead Lithuanian choir movement, organized Republican and regional song festivals and choir competitions, took care of new Lithuanian choir music, musical education, qualification of organists and musical teachers, organized popular symphonic and chamber concerts, systematically published a monthly art and science journal "Musical Fields" (“Muzikos barai”).

Today's creative organization of Lithuanian Musicians’ Union, continuing the active tradition of Lithuanian Musicians Society, aims to actively participate country’s musical life. It consistently develops various activities throughout Lithuania and abroad in different forms. Lithuanian Musicians’ Union supports musicians ' creative initiatives, consolidates them for artistic and educational projects, promotes their activities, and captures the artistic results for the history. Lithuanian Musicians’ Union works for music professionals and the general public: constantly organizes various cultural and educational projects, which combine cultural education of public and dissemination classical music. The Union organizes a professional international master-classes and seminars "Birstonas Summer Arts Academy” (“Birstono vasaros menu akademija”), international creative educational camp of chamber ensembles "Let’s Make Music Together" (“Muzikuokime drauge”) in Birzai, musical performances of musical theater "Between the Notes (“Tarp natu”), the unprecedented concerts - parades that introduce a wide range of Lithuanian performers "The Great Musicians’ Parade" (“Didysis muziku paradas”), continues to publish a monthly arts and science journal "Music bars" (“Muzikos barai”), systematically holds regular concerts for young people in secondary and music schools in Lithuania, introduces the latest creative work of performers, systematically organizes concerts and meetings with public for musical performers of various genres, coordinates honoring and memorial evenings for deserved musicians, publishes notes, books and CDs of Lithuanian performers, annually awards the best musical initiatives with the "Golden Disc" (“Aksinis diskas”) prize.

We believe that artists these days need to have knowledge and skills, which are not necessarily directly related to their profession. We try to carry this message to both, the performers and the audience, to teach how to adapt the artistic skills in new contexts, and the use various elements from other disciplines. We are for the interconnection of the different areas of art which frees creativity and brings in a new perspective. Lithuanian Musicians’ Union combines various creative disciplines, technology, together with music, and promotes a diversified learning and innovation, which is an essential element for the success in the market of contemporary creative industries. The Union encourages performers, who often tend to work separately, to work in a team aiming for a common goal. We state that classical music professionals are able to successfully operate in the modern competitive creative industries and equivalently compete with pop performers. Our goal is to make our members’ performances visual and having a unifying conceptual idea. Therefore we emphasize not only artistic quality, but also to the final presentation of the cultural product, working together with performing arts professionals from various sectors. We believe that this is the best way to transform classical music performances into a strong alternative cultural service, attracting young people and new audiences in Lithuania and around world.

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Lietuvos muzikų sąjungaLietuvos muzikų sąjunga picturePhoto Lietuvos muzikų sąjunga (190749274)Lietuvos muzikų sąjunga company photosLithuanian Musicians’ Union (LMS)Lietuvos muzikų sąjunga picturePhoto Lietuvos muzikų sąjunga (190749274)Lietuvos muzikų sąjunga company photosthe and lithuanianLietuvos muzikų sąjungaLietuvos muzikų sąjungaLietuvos muzikų sąjungaLietuvos muzikų sąjungaLietuvos muzikų sąjungaLietuvos muzikų sąjungaLietuvos muzikų sąjungaLietuvos muzikų sąjungaLietuvos muzikų sąjungaLietuvos muzikų sąjungaLietuvos muzikų sąjunga
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