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Company Kinkanas

Kinkanas, UAB


Registration code 303140843
VAT LT100008067119
Manager Ronaldas Nagrockis, direktorius
Address Žvejų g. 2-1a, LT-09310 Vilnius
Mobile phone Kinkanas Mobile phone
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.ciopciop.lt
Bank Luminor Bank AB
Account number LT774010051001766544
Work hours administracija nuo 11:00
Employees 30 people (insured)
SS insurer code 2237132
Average salary 541.03 € (2019-11)
Social insurance taxes 3,379.51 € (2019-11)
Sales revenue 2018: 1 000 001 - 2 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2019-10: 5 cars (1 owns, 4 uses)
Company age 6 years 4 months 5 days
6.3 / 10 (votes 86)


ČIOP ČIOP is the leading culinary studio chain in the Baltic states. In the beginning ČIOP ČIOP work was mainly concentrated on culinary courses and private alternative entertainment, in particular - preparing meals together with professional chefs. The studio started its work in industrial loft and this year it has moved to the very centre of Vilnius. Also ČIOP ČIOP has its branches in Kaunas and Klaipėda. These studios are located in the centres of the cities as well. At the moment ČIOP ČIOP brand is one of the fastest growing culinary brands which stands for the trendiest places and high quality culinary entertainment activities in Lithuania.

Since 2013 year we developed our services from cooking courses to organisation of extraordinary culinary events, cathering, advertising projects, consultations for restaurant's management and menu development, summer camps for children and culinary trips around the world. The company can now be proud of our young, enthusiastic and creative staff, which considers itself to be as the "Dream Team". From the modest studio in the very beginning it has now become the fashionable oasis for the fine food and wine lovers. It can now offer not only a professional food place and service, but also since 2014 it has its own exclusive winery. What is more, ČIOP ČIOP in Vilnius has a huge terrace with an extraordinary view to the old town architecture, famous palace of Gediminas and Neris river.

And last, but not least, since the beginning of this summer ČIOP ČIOP launched the new project: two times a week, on tuesdays and thursdays, it serves fine business lunch. It stands out from other lunches in Lithuania with the finest quality food and untraditional ways of food serving. Also ČIOP ČIOP studio turns to the exclusive restaurant every wednesday evening. Each week the restaurant presents the new menu which stands for various cuisines of the world.

The company works with the different chefs from different countries and is always seeking for the new professionals with their new ideas. Also ČIOP ČIOP is developing various projects with other restaurants in Lithuania.

What you can find in our special kitchen?
Cosmic cooking table with six double stoves
The best cooking equipment by ‘Whirpool’
Perfect coffee machine by ‘La Pavoni’
Kitchen tools by ‘Fiskars’
Various pots, pans, wok pans and other cooking stuff
Plates, cups, glasses and other tools for serving food and beverages
Well-designed dining room, which will create the impression of a picnic on the grass
Library of cookery books
And many other cozy details…

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KinkanasKinkanas picturePhoto Kinkanas (303140843)Kinkanas company photosČIOP ČIOP is the leading culinaryKinkanas, UAB picturePhoto Kinkanas, UAB (303140843)
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