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Company Kauno staklės

Kauno staklės, UAB

Registration code 134563889
VAT LT345638811
Manager Antanas Miniotas
Address Savanorių pr. 192, LT-44151 Kaunas
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Website http://www.kaunostakles.lt
Work hours I-V 7.30-16.00
Employees 190 people (insured)
SS insurer code 444976
Average salary 1,231.95 € (2019-12)
Social insurance taxes 48,908.63 € (2019-12)
Sales revenue 2018: 5 000 001 - 10 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2019-10: 2 cars (owns)
Company age 24 years 5 months 9 days
7.4 / 10 (votes 52)
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KAUNO STAKLĖS is a company with more than 70 years of experience in metal processing technologies and machine production. It has been supplying products to many famous foreign manufacturers and majority of Lithuanian companies. KAUNO STAKLĖS can offer various processing options for metal and other materials: from the processing and manufacture of bulky products to fine details and complex designs.


> production of machines for small details;
> production of components for automotive industry equipment. Products are used in the manufacture of cars such asv BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen;
> production of conveyor lines, components and stands. All manufacturing operations: component cutting, welding, surface processing, priming, painting, assembly and technical measurements;
> production and processing of bulky details;
> manufacture of locks for hunting guns. The company has a special licence for manufacture of guns, this is a second license issued in Lithuania;
> manufacture of components for wood processing;
> services of metal equipment repair;
> manufacturer of components for the restoration of metal equipment;
> manufacture of components for beer bottling lines;
> manufacture of components for petrol stations;
> manufacture of components for ships;
> manufacture of components for agricultural machinery;
> manufacture of car service equipment;
> manufacture of bakery equipment;
> gas metal cutting;
> water metal cutting;
> metal processing.


> Gas metal cutting. This type of cutting is used for processing of items from various materials. Programmable machines can process the cuts of up to 200 mm thick. Gas cutting enables both the processing of ferrous metals, however it is a hot processing method and because of its nature it is suitable not for all details and materials.
> Water cutting is much more precise. It is used for cutting non-ferrous metals, stone, rubber, plastics, and ceramics. Pressurised water jet enables to cut metals and other materials up to 200 mm thick. The cut is very accurate and has no side effects on the processed materials.
> The water cutting plant of UAB Kauno staklės is one of the largest in Lithuania. It can process the components up to 8 m in length and 3.5 m wide. Kauno staklės of processes large details from all over Lithuanian.


> Manufacture and processing of bulky metal components.
> Manufacture and processing of small metal components.
> Gas metal cutting, metal cutting with water and mechanical tools, milling, turning, polishing, threading, blasting and painting. Customised details, structures and equipment components are made according to customers drawings and examples.


The company's measurement devices allow to ensure impeccable accuracy. Zeiss, Stiefelmayer measurement machines allow very accurate measurements of all geometry of large and small details. FARO ARM spatial measurement device is used in the manufacture of complex details (consisting of several units of equipment), such as conveyor line components. This device is attached to a certain point of the detail, and measures whether all provided points of the item are in line with the design position in the 3D system of coordinates. In other words, whether the respective parts of the item are positioned exactly as provided, in respect of other components. This measurement technology is very useful in manufacturing products with moving parts. In this case, the position and trajectory of details have to be determined very accurately.


UAB KAUNO STAKLĖS is a company with more than 70 years of experience in the manufacture of metal cutting machines and their components. UAB KAUNO STAKLĖS was established in 1945. The company was established on the basis of repair workshop but it’s nature of activities was changing over time and the company was expanding. Already in 1979 the company was awarded gold medal in Brno International fair for 4D722AF1 model electrical erosion machine with digital indication. Today, UAB KAUNO STAKLĖS has extensive experience in metal processing technologies and machine manufacturing. The company provides services to many famous foreign manufacturers and majority of Lithuanian companies. Over 90% of the company’s products are exported to Germany. KAUNO STAKLĖS can offer its clients a big range of processing options for metal, plastic, stone and even ceramic.

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