Company Kauno Rotary klubas "Hansa"

Kauno Rotary klubas "Hansa"

Information about a legal entity:
Registration code 304259754
Registered 2016-05-23
Official name Kauno Rotary klubas "Hansa"
Registration address Kaunas, J. Pabrėžos g. 55-2
Legal form Asociacija
Legal status Teisinis statusas neįregistruotas
  • Company Management participants:
EVRK v.2 industry Activities of other membership organisations n.e.c.
This class includes:
- activities of organisations (not directly affiliated to a political party) furthering a public cause or issue by means of public education, political influence, fund-raising etc.:
• citizens initiative or protest movements
• environmental and ecological movements
• organisations supporting community and educational facilities n.e.c.
• organisations for the protection and betterment of special groups, e.g. ethnic and minority groups
• associations for patriotic purposes, including war veterans' associations
- consumer associations
- automobile associations
- associations for the purpose of social acquaintanceship such as rotary clubs, lodges etc.
- associations of youth, young persons' associations, student associations, clubs and fraternities etc.
- associations for the pursuit of a cultural or recreational activity or hobby (other than sports or games), e.g. poetry, literature and book clubs, historical clubs, gardening clubs, film and photo clubs, music and art clubs, craft and collectors' clubs, social clubs, carnival clubs etc.
This class also includes:
- grant giving activities by membership organisations or others
This class excludes:
- charitable activities like fund-raising aimed at social work, see 88.99
- activities of professional artistic groups or organisations, see 90.0
- activities of sports clubs, see 93.12
- activities of professional associations, see 94.12
ESA 2010 sector Namų ūkiams paslaugas teikiančios ne pelno institucijos (code 15)
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