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Company Karbonas

Karbonas, UAB

Registration code 134601674
VAT LT346016716
Manager Vytautas Ruzgys, generalinis direktorius
Address Stasio Lozoraičio g. 39, Garliava, LT-53228 Kauno r.
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Website http://www.karbonas.lt
Work hours I-IV 07.30-16.15, V 07.30-15.00
Employees 40 people (insured)
Average salary 1,724.68 € (women 1,685.65 €; men 1,729.56 €) (2022-06)
Social insurance taxes 16,096.94 € (2022-06)
Sales revenue 2021: 3 723 992 € Historical turnover »
Net loss 2021: -291 952 € More »
The export share 2021: 20% of turnover
Transport 2022-07: 2 cars (owns)
Authorized capital 130,783.36 €
Company age 26 years 9 months 8 days
Report Professional report » 79 Eur only until Aug 31st
7.9 / 10 (votes 187)


Laser cutting

CO2 laser cutting is the most accurate, the fastest, and often the most economical method of steel and stainless steel processing. When black steel is cut in the protective atmosphere of nitrogen gas, a clean cut without the oxide film is produced, allowing the parts to be painted or galvanized without further treatment. Gas lasers can also cut non-ferrous metals – aluminum, copper, brass or titanium with equal efficiency and accuracy, but due to the reflections there’s a risk of damaging the lens and mirror systems, therefore many are avoiding to use gas lasers for cutting these materials; they use abrasive water jet cutting or the new generation fiber laser instead.

We are operating CO2 laser Bystar 3015 with 4.4 kW power source Bylaser 4400, manufactured by BYSTRONIC, one of the best-known laser manufacturers in the world, and that is the optimal choice for high precision cutting of various thicknesses of steel and stainless steel sheets, as well as tubes and profiles.

Bysoft software allows processing DXF files easily and quickly, and allows to prepare cutting programs and to save raw materials.

We are operating two laser cutting machines of Swiss company Bystronic.

Technical features of laser ByAutonom 3015 6.0 kW:

Sheet cutting range: 3048 × 1524 mm (two changeable tables);
Maximum sheet thickness: 25 mm (steel), 25 mm (stainless steel), 15 mm (aluminium)
Positioning speed simultaneous: 169 m/min;
Acceleration: 30 m/s²;
Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm/m;
Repeatability: +/- 0.05 mm/m.
Edge detection accuracy: +/- 0.5 mm
Technical features of fiber laser BySprint 3015 3.0 kW Fiber:

Sheet cutting range: 3048 × 1524 mm (two changeable tables);
Maximum sheet thickness: 20 mm (steel), 12 mm (stainless steel), 12 mm (aluminium), 6 mm (brass, copper)
Positioning speed simultaneous: 140 m/min;
Acceleration: 12 m/s²;
Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm/m;
Repeatability: +/- 0.05 mm/m.
Maximum efficiency: up to 4÷6 mm of thickness

Abrasive waterjet cutting

Of all the industrial methods used for cutting sheet materials, abrasive water jet cutting is the most widely used. This method allows to cut all materials – from the elastic, soft, porous to hard, heat-hardened or multi-layered materials, such as rubber, various plastics, wood, all metals, stone, ceramics, glass, composites, or multi-layered materials consisting of layers of different hardness. The biggest advantage of this method is that workpiece is not exposed to heat during cutting, and no new tensions are created in the cut area.

Currently, we are operating machine ACM 3060 by Resato, the Netherlands. Its technical features:

Maximum pressure of water: 4130 bar;
Number of cutting heads: 2;
Possibility to cut at angle +/- 45 degrees
Maximum workpiece dimensions: 3000 × 6000 mm;
Maximum cut thickness: 200 mm;
Cutting accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm/m;
Repeatability and positioning: +/- 0.05 mm;
Cutting speed: 1,0 ÷ 30000 mm/min;
Acceleration: 500 mm/s².

Plasma and gas cutting

These are efficient, cheap and relatively accurate cutting methods for steel processing. Plasma can also be used to cut stainless steel and aluminum. However, due to the high thermal stresses and relatively low accuracy, these methods are usually used to cut workpieces which are further processed, or to cut parts for welded structures. Cutting with plasma or gas can cause bending of the parts, slag formation and also the oxide film inevitably occurs at the cut point.

Main technical data of plasma and gas cutting machine Cortina DS-3100 manufactured by Czech company MGM s.r.o.:

Plasma source: Thermal Dynamics Pak Master 150XL;
Maximum thickness of quality plasma cut: 20 mm (carbon non-alloy steel);
Maximum dividing plasma cut: 38 mm;
Maximum thickness of gas cut: 230 mm;
Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm;
Table dimensions: 2500 × 13000 mm;
Maximum workpiece weight: 800 kg/m²;
Maximum cutting speed: 7.0 m/min;
Achievable cut quality: in accordance with ISO 9013-2002 requirements.


In order to better meet customer needs, alongside with cutting services, we began performing tasks of bending, drilling and threading, as well as welding. We are operating a CNC controlled hydraulic bending machine Amada HFE 170-3 made in 2006, and we are constantly renewing our arsenal of punches and swages to be able to perform a wider range of tasks.

Technical features of hydraulic bending machine Amada HFE 170-3:

Nominal pressure force: 1700 kN;
Maximum bend length: 3170 mm;
Frame distance: 2700 mm;
Open height: 470 mm;
Throat depth: 420 mm;
Bending speed: 10 mm/s.


For welding tasks, as well as in providing other services, we need the maximum versatility, therefore we are using numerically controlled machines by one of the leading manufacturers of welding equipment – German firm EWM Hightech Welding. With the help of these machines we can variously weld not only steel or stainless steel, but also aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

Main technical features of welding machines manufactured by German company EWM HighTec Welding®:

Tetrix 180 AC/DC machine with flexible air-cooled welding torches for steel and stainless steel TIG welding;
Triton 220 AC/DC machine with liquid-cooled torches for TIG welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals;
Wega 351 kompakt – professional heavy duty welding machine for MIG/MAG welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals;
Phoenix 421 Expert Puls and Phoenix 500 Force Arc, Taurus 351 Synergic S can weld thick sheets 30% faster, as these welding machines are equipped with forceArc (ultra hight density arc) function. Used for MIG/MAG and TIG welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.


We are machining large size parts and welded constructions with Japan made two columns five faces machining center OKUMA MCR-A5C 30×65:

Effective width between columns: 3050 mm;
Table dimensions (X x Y): 6300 x 2500 mm;
Axis travel (X/Y/Z): 6500/3500/650 mm;
Maximum spindle speed: 4000 r/min;
Spindle power: 22 kW;
Number of tools: 50.

Production from A to Z

Our staff are highly skilled professionals and we are working with modern three-dimensional design system SolidWorks 2012 and powerful, modern CNC-controlled machinery, so we can meet all our customers’ needs: from creating a drawing of a simple part and cutting it out by one of the methods described above, to making quite complex products when we have to check the customer’s drawings and to customize them to our available equipment, to select materials, complete the purchased parts, to cover the surfaces and to assemble the entire product, as well as to have it packed and shipped to the customer.

“For Fun”

We all know that monotonous work makes people look and feel like robots, dulls their ability to concentrate, reduces productivity and increases the likelihood of errors. To prevent this, in addition to our core business, we also design and manufacture souvenirs, business gifts, trophies, and just nice little things. This is a kind of test of our capabilities, a certain distraction from the daily routine – work for our own enjoyment – “For Fun”.

In 1995, UAB (Joint-stock company) Triasas was established. It was involved in the trade of stainless steel products.
Towards the end of 2000, the company’s name, business activities and assets were sold to Scandinavian stainless steel manufacturing group Outokumpu and UAB Triasas was renamed to UAB Karbonas. Since 2001 the company began a new phase of business having set up a sheet material cutting service center. A 2000 sq. meters industrial building was acquired for this business in Garliava, near Kaunas, close to Via Baltica highway.
• In 2001, the company launched the first in the Baltic States CNC abrasive water jet cutting machine WJ3020B-2Z, manufactured by PTV (Czech Republic).
• In 2002, the second CNC abrasive water jet cutting machine WJ3020B-2Z PTV (Czech Republic), manufactured by PTV (Czech Republic), was launched.
• In 2003, a CNC plasma and gas cutting machine Cortina DS3100, manufactured by MGM (Czech Republic), was launched.
• 2004–2005 company started providing machining and welding services using EWM (Germany) equipment.
• In 2006, CNC bending machine Amada HFE 170-3 (Japan) was acquired.
• In 2007, a laser cutting machine Bystar 3015 4.4 kW (BYSTRONIC, Switzerland) was purchased and installed.
• In 2008, with partial financing of the State Social Insurance Fund, filter and ventilation equipment was purchased, working conditions improved and harmful emissions were reduced.
• In 2011 UAB Karbonas began implementing a project entitled “Leader LT”, which includes plans to replace some of the technological equipment, and acquisition of several new technologies (watch information in the “News” section).

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