Imas ir Ko preliminary credit risk assessment

Imas ir Ko, MB credit risk

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Credit risk for Imas ir Ko, economic status

Credit Risk

Risk Factors

Economic Status
Debts to Sodra
Average Salary

This creditworthiness rating shows the current state of Imas ir Ko, MB and does not predict the risk of the company not meeting its financial obligations in the future. To get a credit risk forecast for the year, you should purchase a detailed company report.


The preliminary PreScore assessment is a unique set of rules that calculates and displays an overview of the company's current status based on information from official sources. It is the fastest way to identify the first signs of the company's riskiness. Green indicates a good indicator, red indicates a bad one. The creditworthiness assessment is presented and managed by UAB Creditinfo Lietuva. If you have any questions, please contact them by email at [email protected].

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