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Company Hipika

Hipika, UAB

Registration code 133832151
VAT LT338321515
Manager Tadas Labutis
Address Plento g. 18, Užliedžiai, LT-54305 Kauno r.
Phone Hipika Phone
Mobile phone Hipika Mobile phone
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.hipika.lt
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hipika.lt/
Bank Luminor Bank AB
Account number LT514010042500042059
Work hours I-V 08.30-17.00
Employees 20 people (insured)
SS insurer code 469501
Average salary 1,559.07 € (2019-11)
Social insurance taxes 6,902.69 € (2019-11)
Sales revenue 2018: 1 000 001 - 2 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2019-10: 9 cars (7 owns, 2 uses)
Company age 26 years 2 months 20 days
7.7 / 10 (votes 49)


Our company's mission - to be a reliable and long-term partner to the best quality products.
Our basic principles:
- Only the highest quality products
- Flexible terms of cooperation
- Excellent service
HIPIKA The company started its activities in 1993. For a long time it was carried out in the retail trade of veterinary products, pet care products. Since 1998. launched wholesale products for pets.
We supply superior quality products, we strive to innovation, we act fairly and openly. Our goal - a satisfied customer, healthy and happy pet.
Throughout Lithuania customers supply:
- Animal feed and treats for dogs and cats
- Animal feed for rodents and birds
- Pet care products
- Exotic animal care products
- Aquarium, equipment, decorations, feed akvariuminėms and fish ponds
For many years, working with well-known, reputable businesses, ensuring superior product quality and reliability.
Novafoods - the company's secret - the simplicity, quality and innovation. Thanks to modern technology, customers are offered the highest nutritional value of feed for dogs and cats, adapted to every taste and need.
Barking Heads - the company was founded in 2008. Manufactures and supplies ultrapremium quality dry and wet food for dogs and cats. Animal feed consists of simple, well-known and highest quality ingredients. The company's motto - "They are what they 'eat'.
Alpha Spirit - this is different, innovative company, which takes into account the dog and cat ancestral diet. By developing and applying tenderizes technology it has developed a line of natural, full-fledged and high-quality feed and treats for dogs and cats line.
Croci Spa - since 1990. working with the highest quality products for animals. 2010. awarded the quality certificate for the design, development, production and marketing of products for animals. In his catalog has more than 6300 products for dogs, cats, rodents, birds, exotic animals and fish. The company successfully expand helps customer-oriented philosophy.
Prodac - based in 1975. company full attention and working in the high-quality products for fish farmers. Successfully distributes its products in 37 countries. The first developed and patented over 4 years fully degradable packaging.
Rogz - "Use it or loose it" - this slogan is known by every Rogz product fan. This unique quality and design leashes, collars, bearings and other accessories for dogs and cats.
Antos - was formed in 1989. It has a wide supply of premium treats for dogs and cats. It produces, develops and creates so that each pet can enjoy a natural, great tasting treats now and in the future.
Vadigran - produces and distributes feed, toys, care products for pet birds, garden birds, rodents, cats, dogs and fish. To achieve excellent results Vadigran trying to see the world of pets and their owners eyes.
Farmfood - 100% natural, fully-fledged, made of buffalo leather, treats for dogs of all ages. "Delicious, natural toothbrushes for dogs.
Lars - natural treats for dogs made from sheep fat with various animal palepinimui and health improvement.
Vitalis - broad line feed fish with different eating habits. Produces you total balanced, easily digestible feed žolėdėms, mėsėdėms and visaėdėms fish and crustaceans.
Orbit - a large supply of high-quality, natural scenery freshwater and marine aquariums, terrariums.

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