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Company Glastela

Glastela, UAB

Metalo, stiklo konstrukcijos

Registration code 302915245
VAT LT100007294719
Manager Vaidas Ramanauskas, direktorius
Address Lanko g. 12, Ražiškiai, LT-53278 Kauno r.
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Website http://glastela.eu
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/glastela/
Employees 11 people (insured)
Average salary 734.79 € (2021-10)
Social insurance taxes 1,781.37 € (2021-10)
Sales revenue 2020: 750 470 € Historical turnover »
Net profit 2020: 103 827 € More »
The export share 70% of turnover (Belgium, Iceland, Norway)
Transport 2021-10: 4 cars (1 owns, 3 uses)
Authorized capital 2,896.00 €
Company age 9 years 15 days
8.5 / 10 (votes 42)
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UAB GLASTELA is a successfully growing and improving company that is well known for designing, manufacturing and installation of metal and glass constructions.

We offer you staircases, metal railings, glass railings for stairs, balcony railings, frameless glass constructions, partitions, sliding and hinged doors, glass roofs, shower cubicles, stair constructions, fire escape ladders and other products that relate to metal or glass constructions.

Many years of experience in designing and manufacturing metal and glass constructions in both Lithuanian and Scandinavian markets as well as working with individual clients allow us to offer our customers coordinated solutions and guarantee the highest quality of our services.

UAB GLASTELA is your reliable, responsible and dynamic partner.



The company produces outdoor railings that might be subject to different weather conditions. Therefore, the outdoor railings must be resistant and long lasting.

The railings for outdoor stairs can be produced from stainless steel, galvanized and/or painted metal. Also, the outdoor railings might be produced with glass.

UAB “Glastela” also offers outdoor railing installation services.


Indoor railings that are design for indoors are produced from stainless or painted steel which can be painted in the client‘s chosen (RAL) color.

They are also made with glass, stainless steel or painted steel stilts.

Armrests for indoor stairs are also adjusted according to their color scale and can be stainless or painted steel, round or square.

UAB “Glastela” provides indoor railing installation services.


Stainless steel, painted steel, tempered glass or tempered-laminated glass railings for balconies. The company provides balcony railing installation services.


UAB “Glastela” produces and installs various metal stair constructions inside and outside buildings.


The company manufactures metallic fire escape ladders with stair lots and safety arches.

The ladders can be produced hot-dip galvanized or galvanized and painted.

UAB “Galstela” provides installation services for fire escape ladders.



Small protective glass roofs that provide protection from rain and snow can be adjusted to surrounding colors and design elements.

Glass roofs are produced from transparent or toned, tempered or laminated glass.

Roof glass can be fixed to metal constructions.

The company provides installation services for small roofs from glass.


We manufacture different types of glass constructions and partitions to divide spaces indoors or outdoors to protect from wind.

Glass partitions can be fixed or sliding with moving systems.

Transparent or toned glass can be assembled using stainless steel holders or anodized aluminum extrusions.

Furthermore, the company produces and installs various glass partitions that provide protection from wind and glass tabletops together with metal table construction or without it.


The company makes metallic nets to fence territories. They can be produced in different measures according to the client‘s needs. The net might be made with or without frame.


Manufacture and installation of shower cubicles.

Our shower cubicles are produced following individual orders with regard to wishes and needs of our clients.

UAB “Glastela”

Lazdijų str. 20, Kaunas

+37063753675 ; +370 612 52600


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