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Company Factris LT1

Factris LT1, UAB

TOP company 2020
Registration code 303557356
VAT LT100009888814
Manager Justas Šaltinis, direktorius
Address Vokiečių g. 26, LT-01130 Vilnius
Mobile phone Factris Lt1 Mobile phone
Email address Contact by email »
Website https://factris.com/lt
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/factrislietuva/
Bank Swedbank
Account number LT867300010142016014
Work hours 8.00-18.00
Employees 21 person (insured)
SS insurer code 2317619
Average salary 2,913.32 € (2020-11)
Social insurance taxes 12,433.94 € (2020-11)
Sales revenue 2019: 1 000 001 - 2 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2020-10: 1 car (uses)
Company age 5 years 11 months 23 days
7.5 / 10 (votes 194)
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Factris provides working capital to businesses by buying their unpaid invoices – factoring facility. The main advantage of this form of liquidity is that the financing limit grows with the client’s business. This gives the freedom to focus on building the business while we help with financing, debt management and ensure client’s debtors against various risk, including payment default.

Factris offers the tailor-made factoring products like invoice discounting, invoice financing and reverse factoring.

Factris mission is to provide low-cost working capital to SMEs throughout the European Union. While everyone is cutting back or charging extra to speak with a real person, Factris is committed to having a local presence and providing personal services to all its customers.

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