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Registration code 133571139
VAT LT335711314
Manager prezidentas Evaldas Zasimauskas
Address Birželio 23-iosios g. 27B, LT-50202 Kaunas
Phone Evelkas Phone
Fax Evelkas Fax
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.evelkas.lt
Work hours I-V 08:00-18:00
Employees 61 person (insured)
Average salary 1,851.48 € (women 1,851.08 €; men 1,851.53 €) (2022-12)
Social insurance taxes 23,709.48 € (2022-12)
Sales revenue 2021: 4 338 990 € Historical turnover »
Net profit 2021: 309 261 € More »
Transport 2023-01: 23 cars (21 owns, 2 rents/leases) More »
Authorized capital 238,067.66 €
Company age 30 years 11 days
Report Professional report »
4.5 / 10 (votes 82)
Autostiklų centro Utenos filialas (Aukštaičių g. 3B, LT-28230 Utena)
Autostiklų centro Vilniaus filialas (Lakūnų g. 30, LT-09131 Vilnius)
Autostiklų centro Klaipėdos filialas (Dubysos g. 58, LT-94107 Klaipėda)
Autostiklų centro Panevėžio filialas (S. Kerbedžio g. 21, LT-35114 Panevėžys)
Autostiklų centro Šiaulių filialas (Liejyklos g. 5A, LT-78147 Šiauliai)


EVELKAS Auto Glass Center. Founded in 1993, as the independent specialised car glass service network pioneer in Lithuania, today EVELKAS has the widest automotive glass trading network in all Baltic countries, is the market leader in car glass in Lithuania, thus ensuring prompt customer service throughout the country.

Selling from the world's most famous manufacturers: PILKINGTON, SAINT-GOBAIN SEKURIT, AGC, GUARDIAN (GLAVISTA), PGW, XINYI GLASS (XYG), FUYAO GLASS (FYG) and others.

EVELKAS offers windscreens and other glass for various vehicles – from oldtimers, youngtimers, fastmovers to new-entries models year 2022. All vehicle glass is certified to the European E43R standard, which is only available for glass that meets all quality and safety requirements.

Car glass make up the largest part of EVELKAS Auto Glass Center's range, so we can offer original (OEM) glass, which are installed in car assembly plants, branded glass from European manufacturers and car glass from Asia producers.

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EVELKASEVELKAS picturePhoto EVELKAS (133571139)EVELKAS company photosEVELKAS Auto Glass Center. Founded inEVELKAS, UAB picturePhoto EVELKAS, UAB (133571139)EVELKAS, UAB company photosglass the carEVELKAS
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