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ELV projektai, UAB

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Registration code 302581322
VAT LT100009450811
Manager Eglė Levinskienė, direktorė
Address Jonavos g. 43A-2 aukštas, LT-44131 Kaunas
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Website http://www.elvprojektai.lt
Skype elvprojektai
Bank Swedbank
Account number LT627300010125492011
Work hours I-V 8.00-17.00
Employees 18 people (insured)
Average salary 1,890.37 € (2023-01)
Social insurance taxes 7,286.38 € (2023-01)
Sales revenue 2021: 431 874 € Historical turnover »
Net profit 2021: 11 895 € More »
Transport 2023-03: 1 car (rents/leases) More »
Authorized capital 2,896.00 €
Company age 12 years 2 months 18 days
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8.6 / 10 (votes 253)


We provide comprehensive accounting services for companies and individuals. We are happy to advise on the issues of starting a company, and taxation.

  • Bookkeeping and accounting for a UAB (Private Limited Liability Company)
  • Bookkeeping and accounting for a MB (Small Partnership)
  • Bookkeeping and accounting for a IĮ (Sole Proprietorship)
  • Bookkeeping and accounting for a VšĮ (Public Institution)
  • Bookkeeping and accounting for individual activities (self-employed individuals)


Accounting for small and medium enterprises from primary documents to preparation of financial statements. A team of 10 specialists works just for you. Liability for the work performed. Calculation and declaration of taxes to the state authorities. Preparation of financial statements. Consultations on accounting and tax issues. Employee payroll accounting. Business travel accounting.

Payroll accounting

  • We have excellent knowledge of total working time accounting, we take care of downtime documents

Quantitative accounting of goods (stock)

  • We take care of trade and production companies, write-off of current assets, write-off of fuel, accounting of fixed assets

Calculation and declaration of taxes to the state authorities

  • We take care of all declarations/returns - State Tax Inspectorate (STI), Sodra, Municipality, Customs, Department of Statistics, Employment Service

Preparation of financial statements

  • We will provide annual and interim financial statements to the Centre of Registers and banks according to your needs

Consultations on accounting and tax issues

  • We will select the most optimal accounting system for you, help you solve tax issues, and explain the Lithuanian tax system to you

Business travel accounting

  • Accounting of daily allowance (per diems) according to the expense report, the expenses incurred by the employee


We will help you set up a company in just a few days. Your task is to come up with a name that is not registered in the Centre of Registers (if it’s very hard to think of something – we will help with it as well). Then you need to have a building (its Unique number, to be more precise) that is owned by one of the founders (if the property/building/premises is co-owned by someone else, then the co-owner also needs to have a mobile signature). If you do not have an address to register the company, we will help you also in this regard, we will provide a registration address on our premises and take care of the correspondence you receive. Document preparation and service of setting up by electronic means will cost you 100 euros. You will also need to reimburse the costs of the Centre of Registers, which average € 80, depending on the form of legal entity chosen. However, if it is not possible to set up a company by electronic means, we prepare the documents for setting up the company through a notary, we will arrange an appointment with a notary, all you have to do is come and put your signature.

Five steps to keep in mind when starting a company:

  • Name of the Company
  • Founding documentation
  • Registration address
  • Minimum authorized capital
  • Registration of the Company


Sometimes companies have an excellent accounting team, but there is a need for a specialist who would coordinate the work in the accounting department, have a good knowledge of accounting processes, as well as good knowledge of tax laws, tax system, etc. It is often too expensive for a company to hire such a specialist under an Employment Contract. We offer the services of a chief accountant who will take care of your accounting processes, advise you on tax issues, and submit all necessary declarations to the state authorities.

Preparation/submission of financial reports

  • At least 400 financial statements per year are prepared and submitted by us to the Centre of Registers.

Submission of credit applications

  • At least 70 applications per year.

Preparation of a business plan

  • Preparation of at least 25 business plans per year.

Preparation of financial analysis

  • Preparation of at least 326 financial analyses for companies per year.


Who is required to keep GPAIS accounting?

GPAIS is the Unified product, packaging and waste record keeping information system. Many companies are unaware and do not even suspect that they are required to submit reports to this system. All manufacturers and/or importers of packaging and/or products must register in the Compendium of Manufacturers and Importers in GPAIS If you import goods and sell them in Lithuania, you must keep records of the packaging of those goods, submit reports to the GPAIS and pay taxes on it, or redeem the recycling of waste. It is also the case with Product Accounting if they are Taxable Products. Also, if you are a manufacturer and fill an empty package with a product and place it for sale on the Lithuanian market, you need to keep records of the packaging. There is also accounting for the waste generated, which also needs to be declared in the GPAIS, and taxes need to be paid.


  • Journal and report of the organization of placing on the market and management of waste of packaging.


  • Journal and report of the waste production accounting.

Batteries, vehicles

  • Annual report on the organization of placing on the market and management of waste of batteries and accumulators, and the annual report on the organization of placing on the market and management of waste of vehicles.

Oil, lubricants

  • Journal and report of the organization of placing on the market and management of waste of oils.


Intrastat reports must be submitted by those VAT payers whose annual value of exported/imported goods in the previous year exceeded the Intrastat export and/or Intrastat import reporting thresholds for the following year. These thresholds are calculated and published annually by the Department of Statistics of Lithuania. Intrastat import and export thresholds are calculated for a calendar year. If you are an importer of goods from the EU and you have imported more than € 150,000 worth of goods in 2020, then you are required to submit an EU Import Report every month. For 2021, the threshold remains unchanged. If you are an exporter of goods to the EU and you have exported more than € 250,000 worth of goods in 2020, then you are required to submit an EU Export Report every month. For 2021, the threshold remains unchanged.

  • Distribution of declarations per month
  • Distribution of declarations per year


To date, there has been an increase in reporting to the Employment Service due to lockdown and post-lockdown benefits from the state. Before the lockdown, reports were submitted to the Employment Service if you were employing a person under a state-sponsored program, usually the long-term unemployed or people for whom it was more difficult to find a job in the market due to their certain age. These reports are still in use, but in addition, if we want to get a subsidy for downtime or a subsidy for employees who were not in downtime, but the company is still on the list of Covid victims, we also have to submit reports and requests to the Employment Service.

  • Subsidies for downtime
  • Supported employment subsidies

ELV projects

Professionals and enthusiasts in their field who can help with various issues.

Our mission is to help Legal and Natural Persons to implement a correct and personally beneficial accounting policy, to correctly understand the tax system of the Republic of Lithuania. To submit all necessary reports to state institutions and the customer correctly and in a timely manner.

Our vision is to be one of the leading companies in our field in Kaunas. Maintain stable, unchanging team (max 1 person in 12 months). 100% satisfied customers with the quality of services provided by the company.


  • UAB “ELV projektai”
  • Jonavos str. 43A - second floor, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • +370 612 28888
  • Email: [email protected]
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