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Company Elintos matavimo sistemos

Elintos matavimo sistemos, UAB

Matavimo ir testavimo įranga

TOP company 2021
Registration code 135896117
VAT LT358961113
Manager Vytautas Narbutas
Address Terminalo g. 3, Biruliškių k., LT-54469 Kauno r.
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Website https://www.elintosms.lt/lt/pradinis
Bank AB SEB Bankas
Account number LT517044060003641821
Work hours I-V 08.00-12.00 ir 13.00-17.00
Employees 9 people (insured)
Average salary 2,682.23 € (2022-05)
Social insurance taxes 5,765.12 € (2022-05)
Sales revenue 2021: 3 039 433 € Historical turnover »  2021 m. Report »
Net profit 2021: 211 098 € More »
Transport 2022-01: 4 cars (3 owns, 1 uses)
Authorized capital 28,960.00 €
Company age 20 years 1 month 1 day
5.7 / 10 (votes 60)
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We specialize in:

Supplying measurement equipment, calibration devices, test equipment, power sources;
Warranty and post-warranty equipment maintenance;
Consulting, verification and calibration.

Installation test equipment
Pick a device to suit your needs. Here you can find a number of devices which can perform various installation measurements, locate cables, measure step voltage and earth resistance.

Cable tracers
Cable tracers are suitable for tracing cables in walls, ceilings, floor and ground, locating cable interruptions and short-circuits in cables, determining an individual wire in a bundle of wires.

Step voltage meters
Using these devices you can measure step voltage and contact voltage.

Insulation testers
Digital insulation and transitional contact resistance testers. Insulation testers with test voltage up to 10 kV

Z loop / Line testers
Testing devices used to preform measurements in Z loop / Line. Circuit impedance, touch voltage, phase sequence and other measurements.

Multifunctional installation testers
Multifunctional installation testers allow you to save time and money by combining multiple functions into one, easy to carry and operate package.

Educational displays
Train new users or demonstrate products using these displays

Photovoltaic testing equipment
Professional testing equipment meant for extensive testing of photovoltaic installations.

Environmental measurement instruments
Devices used to determine various environmental variables, such as temperature, paticle count, luminosity, noise level, pressure, moisture, electrical and magnetic field etc.

Devices for measurement of wind speed, as well as temperature and other parameters.

Lux meters
Using these portable Lux meters you can determine the light level of your surroundings.

Multifunction air meters
Multifunctional devices used to measure several air quality attributes.

Particle counters
Particle counters come in handy when you need to determine the particle count of a room. Evaluate ventilation systems, room cleanness and other.

Magnetic field meters
These portable devices are used to determine the parameters of electrical and magnetic fields. Registered in the measuring devices register of Republic of Lithuania.

Hand-held IR thermometers
Portable infrared thermometers are lightweight and easy to use. IR thermometer collects thermal radiation emitted by a body and counts the temperature. Infrared thermometer is useful for measuring temperature under circumstances where thermocouples or other probe type sensors cannot be used

Pressure meters
Electromagnetic pressure meters. Lightweight and portable, these devices can be single function and multifunction, use them to measure temperature and pressure.

Thermometers and humidity meters
Various devices used to determine air temperature and humidity. Measurements are conducted using thermocouples and, PT100 and various other sensors.

Sound meters
If you are ever in the need to determine the sound level of an outdoors locale or room, we can offer you a wide array of sound meters.

Vibration meters
Using vibration meters you can measure the level of vibrations.

Precision measurement and calibration systems
When conduction measurement which require extreme precisions, using the right devices makes all the difference. We carry a wide assortment of multifunctional and single-function precision measurement devices, using which, you will be able to calibrate your other devices, ensuring that any further measurement are as precise and accurate as you need them

Precision meters
We carry a multitude of precision devices, used to preform various measurements with extreme accuracy.

Multifunction Calibrators
Using these devices you can calibrate various measurement devices. Supports temperature, pressure, voltage, current, resistance, frequency…

Industrial signals calibrators
Industrial signal calibrators can be used to calibrate voltage, current, voltage thermometers and thermocouples.

Sound level calibrators
We offer accuracy class 1 and 2 sound level calibrators.

Pneumatic and hydraulic pump systems
Hydraulic and pneumatic pump systems for use with calibrators.

Pressure calibrators
Various pressure calibrators and hydraulic and pneumatic pump systems.

Dry-block temperature calibrators
Precision temperature calibrators. Dry-block temperature calibrators are available

Saturated solution for calibration of relative humidity
When calibrating a humidity meter, you’ll require saturated solutions to get the job done. These standard concentration solutions can also be used to check whether your humidity meters readings are correct.

Data loggers
Wireless environmental data Loggers
Wireless data logging system allows several physical quantities to be monitored in a large variety of application fields. Data loggers are available for the monitoring of: Temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure or differential pressure, luminance (lux) and UV irradiance, carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), solar radiation and rainfall quantity, acceleration

Water Leak Detection Equipment
Water Leak Detection Equipment enables user identifying the position of the leak ot of pipe. Correlators are capable to use for difficult leak detection situations such as on non-metallic pipelines.

Thermovision InfraRed cameras
Thermal cameras – these devices will allow you to seen through the night, locate various leaks, determine electrical faults and measure surface temperature. Thermal cameras are employed in various industrial sectors, used for hunting, construction, preventive maintenance and medicine. Portable, stationary or vehicle mounted.

Thermovision cameras for building and predictive maintenance
The easiest and quickest method of detecting energy waste in buildings is thermal imaging. Thermal imaging cameras can help you to make insulation problems and other building anomalies clearly visible.

Thermovision cameras for research and developement
In Research and Development applications, accuracy, reliability, sensitivity, high performances are vitally important. Uncooled thermal imaging cameras and high performance cooled thermal imaging cameras are in the list.

Thermovision cameras for automation
Fixed mounted infrared cameras can be installed almost anywhere to monitor your production process. Cameras are fully controlled by a PC.

Thermovision cameras for special purposes
These infrared camera capable of finding Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), the “greenhouse gas”, Methane emissions or other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Cameras is used for high temperature industrial furnace applications. FLIR GF309 is designed to “see through flames” in all types of gas-fired furnaces, chemical heaters, coal-fired boilers.

Thermovision cameras for security and law enforcement
FLIR Systems is the world's leading supplier of thermal imaging systems for law enforcement missions. We offer products to match any law enforcement mission whether it be in the air, on the water, or on the ground.

Ultraviolet cameras
A range of hand held corona cameras

Electronic test instruments
Test tools for measurement and analysis of electronic equipment. Oscilloscopes, generators, RCL meters, video inspection devices, spectrum analyzers and so on.

550 MHz oscilloscopes
High performance oscilloscopes. Digital oscilloscopes are rich of futures and very wide bandwidth. Over 400 MHz up to 45 GHz

Spectrum analyzers
Spectrum analyzers – measure the power of signals. Wide array of ranges, battery powered

Signal Integrity Network Analyzers
Measurement devices use to analyze electrical circuits.

Signal generators used to generate electronic signals. Devices come in single of multi-channel variety and various other useful functions.

Frequency counters
Frequency counters and frequency loggers used to count electrical pulses.

LCR meters
Portable and stationary RCL meters.

Battery capacity testers
Battery capacity testers used to determine the characteristics of batteries.

A laboratory is incomplete without a suitable power source. Here you can find various power sources to suit your needs.

Test Sets for Electrical Devices
In order to ensure that your equipment functions properly, it is required to perform maintenance frequently. Here you can find the tools to make your job easier - Very low frequency testing devices, AC/DC High Voltage Test Systems, Cable fault location systems, Microohmmeter etc.

Very low frequency testing devices (VLF)
LVF testing and diagnostics devices for high voltage cables

AC/DC High Voltage Test Systems
AC/DC High Voltage Test Systems employing a heightened AC and DC voltage.

Cable fault location systems
Using these devices you can find cable faults located under the ground.

Primary Current Injection System
Primary and secondary circuits. Ranges available up to 5000 A.

Digital microohmmetes for resistance measurement of circuit breakers, switch gears and cable connections. Test current up to 600A DC.

Relay test sets
Single–phase and three-phase relay testing devices.

Cable & Pipe Locators
Electric cables and other underground utilities installation location and depth detection instruments.

Transformer oil testing and inspection equipment
Transformer oil testing and inspection equipment used to determine the parameters of various oils.

Troubleshooting devices used to preform transformer diagnostics using frequency characteristics.

Partial discharge meters
Instruments to detect and localize the partial discharges. An excellent device to preform troubleshooting.

Portable devices for electricians
Multimeters, clamp meters, portable oscilloscopes, testers and other measurement devices may be found in this list. Variety of testing devices are used to measure electrical parameters such as voltage, current, resistance, frequency and more other.

Portable oscilloscopes
Handheld oscilloscopes are made possible to carry site-to-site easily. You can find a portable oscilloscopes that are able to operate as multimeter or analyzer.

Digital multimeters
A wide assortment of multimeters. Various measurement ranges and plenty of functions. A number of devices can also be connected to a PC.

Clamp meters
Using current measurement clamps, you can determine current without interrupting the circuit. Thus you will not have to cut power to installations during the measurement.

Voltage and current testers used to detect and measure voltage or current. Non-contact testers are available.

LAN / Fiber Optic testing and measurement systems
Testers used to determine the state of LAN and Fiber Optic networks.

LAN cable testers
Testing devices used to monitor and maintain computer networks.

Fiber optics testing devices
Single and multi-mode cable (optical, waveguide) testing devices.

Kits for LAN / Fiber Optic maintenance
Professional kits used to maintain computer networks.

Power analyzers and energy management systems
Three-phase and single-phase power analyzers and energy management systems for analysis, maintenance and power consumption measurement. Pick whichever suits your needs best – portable, rail mounted or panel mounted.

Portable three-phase power analyzers
Portable three-phase power analyzers, used to analyze the quality of a three-phase network. Small and compact, these devices can perform current measurements and harmonics counts.

Portable one-phase power analyzers
Portable one-phase power analyzers, used to analyze the quality of a one-phase network. Small and compact, these devices can perform current measurements and harmonics counts.

Panel mounting power analyzers
Stationary, panel mounted power analyzers. Connect these devices to a computer using a HTTP protocol function and monitor a network, its parameters, energy usage etc.

Rail mounting power quality analyzers
Stationary, rail mounted power analyzers. Connect these devices to a computer using a HTTP protocol function and monitor a network, its parameters, energy usage etc.

Solar Power Installation Analyzers
Solar panels – a popular source of alternative energy. These devices allow you to maintain and test solar panels.

Non-electric values measurement instruments
A wide array of various devices used to measure non-electric values. Tachometer, laser levels, paint thickness gauges, humidity meters, etc. We also sell devices to analyze liquids and soil measurement, pH levels, dissolved oxygen, chlorine, salinity and other properties.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Measuring devices used to determine the thickness of pipes and reservoirs without deconstructing them.

Devices for liquids and soil measurement
Devices used to determine the parameters of soil and water. pH meters, thermometers, dissolved oxygen and chlorine meters etc. Portable and stationary devices are available.

Non-contact and contact tachometers to measure the rotation speed or RPM.

Moisture meters
Moisture meters used to determine moisture of various materials, including plywood, concrete etc. Invasive and non-invasive.

Distance meters
Non-contact, laser distance meters allow you to measure the distance between objects without having to touch any of them.

Thickness of paint coating measurement devices
Measurement devices used to determine paint and coating thickness. Can be used with black and color metals.

Concrete test hammers
Devices used to measure the elastic properties or strength of concrete or rock

Selectivity of windows meters
We offer a wide array of meters used for measurement of window selectivity.

Video inspection tools
These tools will help you to get a better view of objects in hard to reach places. Borescopes, videoscopes and digital microscopes.

Cable height meters
Ultrasound cable height meters.

Systems for building airtightness measurements
Highly accurate instruments for leakage tracking and pressure measurement in buildings

Blower doors
BlowerDoor equipment consisting of one or three blowers for leakage tracking and pressure measurement.

High speed cameras
High speed video cameras for research which is essential to capture and visualize high-speed particle trajectories and movement, material deformations and everything else which is difficult to capture the ordinary video camera.


Devices used to analyze gas composition and measure emissions.

Hanheld analyzers

Hanheld analyuzers allow users to preform measurements on site.


Balances for use in laboratories, food production, industry, jewelry, medicine and education.

  • Kern EMB series
  • Kern MPD series
  • Kern MBC series
  • Kern MPC series
  • Kern FFN series
  • Kern MPE series
  • Kern EMS series
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