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Company Ecosolit

Ecosolit, UAB

Registration code 302486319
VAT LT100005480710
Manager Šarūnas Sinkevičius, direktorius
Address Juodasis kel. 104A, LT-11307 Vilnius
Phone Ecosolit Phone
Fax Ecosolit Fax
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.ecosolit.lt
Work hours 07:00 - 16:00
Employees 5 people (insured)
SS insurer code 2048030
Average salary 554.83 € (2019-12)
Social insurance taxes 622.73 € (2019-12)
Sales revenue 2018: 3 000 001 - 5 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Company age 9 years 10 months 25 days
4.3 / 10 (votes 63)


UAB “Ecosolit” is an official retailer of UAB “August ir Ko” – producer of highest quality wastewater treatment plants, which are highly rated and acknowledged throughout the whole world for its impeccable cleaning parameters, long-term use, reliability and safe utilization. UAB “Ecosolit” offers wastewater treatment design, installation and maintenance services as well as professional consulting.
The wastewater treatment plants comply with all EU norms and international ecology requirements. AT & ATC-P products have CE marking, known and recognized throughout the whole Europe, which certifies the reliability, safety and environmental friendliness of the technology. All UAB “Ecosolit” biological wastewater treatment plants are capable of reaching the highest clean water standards. While at the same time saving the environment and striving for maximum efficiency, an opportunity arises to reuse the same water for the second time.
UAB “Ecosolit” offers small as well as large wastewater treatment plants, which are suitable for individual homes, cities and communes, industrial buildings, objects for social and commercial use. When connecting to the city’s wastewater treatment plant is too costly or technically impossible, our modern AT wastewater treatment facilities can be used to clean industrial waste from numerous objects.
Modern and reliable wastewater treatment equipment ensures the highest cleaning effectiveness, plant durability and safe exploitation. Small wastewater treatment plants are easy and fast to install (they can be installed in 1 day), require minimum maintenance, release no smell, operate exceptionally quietly and have very low electricity consumption. Large wastewater treatment systems are suited for cleaning unequal and constantly changing wastewater levels. The technology is valued for its compactness – the whole plant can be built in any desired plot. On top of that, even the harshest weather conditions do not affect the smooth operation of the facility either the small or large facility.
UAB “Ecosolit” professional, certified designers with longtime work experience prepare designs for all types of structures (individual homes, social, commercial and industrial objects), outdoor water supplies, perform the necessary project coordination, answer for the project’s supervision of implementation, consult on project preparation and implementation questions. UAB “Ecosolit” collaborates with designers from other water management companies, help with documentation and provide necessary information. Wastewater treatment designs are implemented throughout the whole Lithuania.

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