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Number of employees in Didneriai

Didneriai, UAB employees (insured)

In the company Didneriai (insurer code 78072, company code 122287098) at 2021-04-17 worked 42 people (insured).
Number of employees (insured) in Didneriai

Employees (insured) number history:

2021-04-03 had 42 people (insured)
2021-03-26 had 43 people (insured)
2021-03-11 had 44 people (insured)
2021-03-06 had 43 people (insured)
2021-02-28 had 44 people (insured)
2021-02-19 had 46 people (insured)
2021-02-02 had 47 people (insured)
2021-01-31 had 46 people (insured)
2020-12-16 had 47 people (insured)
2020-11-10 had 48 people (insured)
2016-06-30 had 38 people (insured)
2016-06-28 had 37 people (insured)
2016-04-30 had 36 people (insured)

Data from State Social Insurance Fund Board Under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.
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US dollar
USD 0.8343 €
Pound sterling
GBP 1.1522 €
Polish zloty
PLN 0.2197 €
Russian ruble
RUB 0.0110 €
Belarussian ruble
BYN 0.3248 €
Australian dollar
AUD 0.6469 €
Canadian dollar
CAD 0.6673 €
Chinese yuan
CNY 0.1279 €
Czech koruna
CZK 0.0386 €
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DKK 0.1345 €
Japanese yen
JPY 0.0077 €
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NOK 0.0998 €
Swedish krona
SEK 0.0990 €
Swiss franc
CHF 0.9082 €
Turkish lira
TRY 0.1034 €
Ukrainian hryvnia
UAH 0.0306 €
Bank of Lithuania, 2021-04-17