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Company Didneriai

Didneriai, UAB

Registration code 122287098
VAT LT222870917
Manager Valdemaras Milaševskis, direktorius
Address V. A. Graičiūno g. 38, LT-02241 Vilnius
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Website http://www.didneriai.lt
Bank SEB bankas
Account number LT767044060001678964
Work hours I-V 08.00-17.00
Employees 47 people (insured)
SS insurer code 78072
Average salary 1,537.05 € (2020-11)
Social insurance taxes 14,453.92 € (2020-11)
Sales revenue 2019: 10 000 001 - 20 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2020-10: 9 cars (3 owns, 6 uses)
Company age 27 years 21 day
6.2 / 10 (votes 290)
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DITRA (V. A. Graičiūno g. 38, LT-02241 Vilnius)


Logistics and transport services

• Do you want to transport the consignment? Call us!
• Do you need customs stakeholders’ services? Contact us!
• Do you want to store goods? We are waiting for you!

“Didneriai”- a professional logistics company which offers the highest quality of consignments’ transportation. Our goal- integrated logistics and developed net of transport services that ensure sustained efficiency of logistics chain and maximum benefit for the customer. Aiming to offer the best, we permanently carry the analysis of transport services market and search for the optimal solutions for the realization of the customers’ needs. Certified and team having years of experience offers professional logistics, distribution, storing and customs stakeholders services. The company carries standard, headroom, partial and dangerous consignments’ transportation renders 3PL logistics and fiscal agent’s services. In order to ensure the lowest time input we will choose optimum route and saving your money, we will foresee the quickest transportation services. Professional team will answer all your questions and will offer effective ways of logistics. We guarantee- if you have any problems during the transportation, we will find quick and safe solution.

We are interested in logistics since 1993 therefore today we can offer effective solutions. We are working with standard, partial and outsized consignments, excised goods. We render qualified consignments’ transportation services; we take care of separate logistics files, moderate in the customs, we prepare the necessary documents, we store consignments, we work with goods’ labeling and packaging.

Our priority- qualitatively prepared work and satisfied customers, therefore we guide the highest quality standards and orientate to the fussiest costumers’ needs. We aim to improve, grow and strengthen, so we invest in modern equipment, reliable vehicles, the newest technologies and employees’ qualification in order to ensure smoothness and agility of logistics works. We are ready for the changes and we are always looking for mutually useful solutions.

We know that for a successful business reliable partners are needed. Efficient aims which motivate us to move on- professional collaboration, responsible attitude to business and creative control of the tasks. Forget about consignments’ transportation problems – we provide the quickest, the most effective and the most successful logistics’ solutions!

The company “Didneriai” was established in 1993. From the beginning the company paid a special attention to the rise of employees’ qualification and permanent perfection, therefore today it can offer the highest quality services that satisfy the fussiest customers’ expectations. The company specializes in transport and logistics sphere, organizes consignments’ transportation, storing, represents customers in the customs and offers complex solutions and helps to save your time and money. At the moment more than 40 people work in the company, it also has a warehouse which area is 3000 square meters, including an open customs’ warehouse in Vilnius. Experienced team and close co-operation with long term partners ensures the smoothness and productivity of logistics’ works. The transportation of consignments is carried out by different types of transport in the international expansion, where Lithuania is presented as the transitional country between east and west.

Transport services

“Didneriai” specializes in transport and logistics sphere, organizes consignments’ transportation tasks between seas, land and air routes. The company works with partial, overall and outsized consignments, organizes dangerous consignments’ transportation and carries out consignments’ distribution and is responsible for the consignment till the delivery from “door to door”. Long years of experience in consignments’ transportation ensure smoothness and timeliness and wide net of partners ensures a big choice of geographical directions between the European Union and previous NVS and central Asian states. Transportation and transport services require professional experience and knowledge. “Didneriai” – a competent and long years of experience having company, which rationally evaluates the properties of individual consignment and gives a special attention to the choice of transport and the formation of exact route. “Didneriai” organizes consignments’ escort, represents customers in the customs and manages all the documents connected with the consignment’s transportation.

The logistics services

Having long years of experience, “Didneriai” specialists’ team offers professional 3PL logistics services, seeking to reduce the expenses of transportation and ensures ongoing work agility. The company is responsible for the search of warehouses, for collecting orders, the distribution and packaging of goods, labeling , for the distribution and documents, offers customs clearance and fiscal agent’s services, organizes forwarding services. The company offers short-term and long-term warehousing of goods- the consignments are kept in modern, heated customs’ warehouses and in outdoor storage area. “Didneriai” carries out import, export, re-export and re-import, transit documents’ management works, represents customers at the customs and prepares transportation documents. The company also provides fiscal agent’s services, the registration of foreign companies in Lithuania and organizes refunds of excess VAT works.

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Logistics services
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