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Company Baltic Marine Spedition

Baltic Marine Spedition, UAB

Registration code 302622025
VAT LT100006102019
Manager Mantas Sakalauskas, direktorius
Address Baltijos pr. 12A, LT-94108 Klaipėda
Mobile phone Baltic Marine Spedition Mobile phone
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Website http://www.balticmarine.lt
Skype jensenklp
Work hours I-VII 08:00-18:00
Employees 3 people (insured)
SS insurer code 2104083
Sales revenue 2019: 500 001 - 1 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Authorized capital 65,999.84 €
Company age 9 years 10 months 1 day
7.7 / 10 (votes 256)
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We provide full and partial truckload shipping services in the European Union, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan using various types of trucks. Your cargo will be delivered to its destination only by reliable and experienced drivers.

The services of the UAB Baltic Marine Spedition are not limited to loading the cargo on the truck, ship or plane and delivering it to the consignee. The goal of our company is to create added value for the customer. Therefore, we will take all the troubles involved in transporting your goods to your partners. Our experience allows us to minimise the probability of damaging goods or missing important deadlines. This, in turn, saves both time and money. This is how we create the added value to our customers, thus our services have already been appreciated by a number of companies that decided to choose us as their long-term logistics partner.

Freight forwarding

If you want to deliver your cargo to any part of the world and make the process as smooth as possible, trust your goods with our professionals, experienced in all types of freight forwarding in all continents.

It does not matter where you need your cargo delivered. We will always assess all circumstances and take care of a safe and timely delivery of your goods. In the “Our Works” section on our website at http://balticmarine.lt/, you can find several more interesting freight examples, which will only reassure you of our experience and qualifications.

Baltic Marine Spedition is a team of professionals, offering complex freight forwarding solutions – we provide all services that any company could need. We will take your cargo from its location and, considering its size, as well as time and place of delivery, make all the necessary preparations. You will be constantly informed about your cargo's location, we will take care of all the documentation and, if you prefer, will provide you with detailed shipping reports of your cargo.

The cheapest and most environmentally-friendly type of transportation is by sea. For us there are no unknown directions or inconvenient sizes! Our company works with all container shipment and ferry lines. Therefore, we are sure that we will offer you the best route.

Container shipment is the major type of freight forwarding by sea. Containers can be used for shipping any kinds of larger cargoes – our experienced team will make all arrangements and offer an excellent price-performance ratio. Container shipment is particularly convenient for companies shipping large cargoes, since the entire cargo can be transported to the place of delivery on the same ship, which would be difficult to imagine if transporting goods by land. Taking the sea route you will not experience any inconveniences that can be encountered when dividing the cargo due to insufficient abilities of carriers. Our shipment method is appreciated by customers, whose cargo delivery location is further away from the ports and the cargo cannot be shipped by sea. With great experience in all types of freight forwarding methods, we will offer you a complex shipping solution not only by sea, but by land as well.

When there is no direct sea route, containers from the consignor to the consignee are delivered by land. In such case the containers are transported from one port to another by sea and continue the rest of their journey to the place of delivery by trucks. We use this method in Lithuania too, when containers delivered to the port of Klaipėda must be carried to other cities.

Container carriage is a convenient way to transport large amounts of all kinds of goods. Entrust these troubles with us and you will be surprised how easy it can be to send and receive cargoes.

We provide full and partial truckload shipping services in the European Union, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan using various types of trucks. Your cargo will be delivered to its destination only by reliable and experienced drivers.

Railway is one of the most popular ways of freight forwarding. The port of Klaipėda can load heavy and oversized cargoes on railway platforms and send them to the farthest regions of Russia and Kazakhstan. We perform loading operations, make cargo fastening schemes and take care of all the customs paperwork.

We ship urgent cargoes from Asia and Europe to different countries of the world using various airline services every day. Freight forwarding by air requires a lot of specific knowledge, therefore our long-term partners, time-tested airlines and well-tuned staff will ensure fast and safe cargo delivery. Proper preparation of all the documents during departure allows picking up the cargo at the delivery airport quickly and without any additional costs.

Baltic Marine Spedition also provides dangerous and oversized cargo transportation services.

We know the importance of safe and reliable cargo reload and storage. At the convenience of our customers we provide cargo storage services in Lithuania, Europe and Russia. Time-tested partners and selected warehouses allow us to ensure safe cargo storage in strategically most convenient locations.

Air transport
Cargo transportation
Freight forwarding by sea
Railway transport
Transportation of dangerous goods
Oversized cargo transportation
Storage services
Freight forwarding
Container transportation
Partial truckload shipping
Freight forwarding to Russia
Cargo transportation to Russia
Cargo transportation to Norway
Cargo transportation to Belgium
Cargo transportation to Italy
Cargo transportation to France
Cargo transportation to Germany
Cargo transportation to Denmark
Cargo transportation to Poland
Cargo transportation to Czech Republic
Cargo transportation to the Netherlands
Cargo transportation to Finland
Cargo transportation to Russia
Cargo transportation to Sweden
Cargo transportation to Portugal
Cargo transportation to Spain
Cargo transportation to Switzerland
Cargo transportation to the Great Britain (England)

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Baltic Marine SpeditionBaltic Marine Spedition picturePhoto Baltic Marine Spedition (302622025)Baltic Marine Spedition company photosWe provide full and partial truckloadBaltic Marine Spedition, UAB picturePhoto Baltic Marine Spedition, UAB (302622025)Baltic Marine Spedition, UAB company photoscargo the transportationBaltic Marine SpeditionBaltic Marine SpeditionBaltic Marine SpeditionBaltic Marine SpeditionBaltic Marine SpeditionBaltic Marine SpeditionBaltic Marine SpeditionBaltic Marine SpeditionBaltic Marine SpeditionBaltic Marine SpeditionBaltic Marine Spedition
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