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Company Baltasis pyragas

Baltasis pyragas, UAB

Registration code 159892593
VAT LT598925917
Manager Jonas Valdas Tratulis, direktorius
Address Sodų g. 11, LT-55190 Jonava
Phone Baltasis Pyragas Phone
Mobile phone Baltasis Pyragas Mobile phone
Fax Baltasis Pyragas Fax
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.baltasispyragas.lt
Work hours I-V 08.00-17.00
Employees 170 people (insured)
Average salary 1,319.56 € (women 1,212.29 €; men 1,452.78 €) (2022-03)
Social insurance taxes 46,953.24 € (2022-03)
Sales revenue 2020: 6 114 295 € Historical turnover »
Net profit 2020: 224 054 € More »
Transport 2022-01: 41 car (owns)
Authorized capital 6,806.07 €
Company age 26 years 2 months 1 day
6.2 / 10 (votes 59)
Report Professional report about the company More »


To visit Lithuania and fail to taste its bread is a real "culinary crime", Lithuanians say jokingly with pride. And they have good reasons to do so as the country
has long been known for its ancient traditions of making bread that is full of taste and flavour. Rye bread, wheat bread, white bread, and other bread products made from grain
are an inseparable part of the daily diet of Lithuanians. Health care professionals and dieticians emphasise that naturally baked bread is full of many of the nutritional elements required by the human body.
Cereals are rich in vitamins A, C, E, as well as B, fibre, and minerals and should account for a substantial part of the daily diet of adults and children.
Bread is not only healthy, but also ever so tasty! Baltasis Pyragas (EN: White pie) produces just such nutritious and tasty bread. The bakery founded in 1951, is meticulous in nurturing and preserving its centuries-old recipes
of knowledgeable Lithuanian housewives as well as time-tested production technologies. As a result, the products of Baltasis Pyragas, one of the leaders in the bread market in Lithuania, are made without preservatives or chemical
dough enhancers. Only naturally leavened sourdough and bread made from it are nutritionally complete. A bite of such bread in the morning will put you in a good mood and provide you with all the energy you need for the rest of the day!

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