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Company Avia Solutions Group (CY) PLC

Avia Solutions Group (CY) PLC

Registration code 9001538174
VAT LT100012497310
Manager Jonas Janukėnas
Address Smolensko g. 10-100, LT-03201 Vilnius
Phone Avia Solutions Group Cy Plc Phone
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Website https://aviasg.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AviaSolutionsGroup/
Bank Bank of America, N.A. London
Account number GB16BOFA16505067454068
Company age 9 years 15 days
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Avia Solutions Group – a global, multiservice aviation business group with 42 subsidiaries around the world. Over 3000 specialists work at the Group’s headquarters and global offices in Europe, Asia, North America and other regions. Avia Solutions Group supports over 1600 clients in 4 continents, reaching yearly revenue of €420 million.

Holding companies provide comprehensive support in the fields of MRO, pilot & crew training, resourcing and recruitment, ground handling, fuelling, IT solutions, airport management, charter flights, hotel and accommodation, as well as other industries.

The success of Avia Solutions Group companies has put the holding amongst leaders in European, Asian and the CIS aviation markets. The Group’s representative offices are located in Cyprus, Indonesia, Thailand, Lithuania, Poland, the United Kingdom, USA and Russia.

The holding currently manages over 40 companies including but not limited to leading companies in their respective fields – FL Technics, BGS, BAA Training, Kidy Tour, Jet MS, AviationCV.com, KlasJet, Loop Hotel, Locatory.com.

Have been dreaming of working in the magical aviation for a while now? Or maybe you’re just eager to find out more about this fascinating industry? Visit our jobs website and find out more about the industry as a whole as well as Avia Solutions Group’s role in it: https://jobs.aviasg.com/


Aircraft Leasing and Trading

The aircraft leasing and trading activities in the Avia Solutions Group are conducted through AviaAM Leasing and AviaAM Financial Leasing China. The companies have 5 offices scattered over Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia – China and Honk Kong.

AviaAM Leasing is known globally as one of the most effective leasing companies – over the past 5 years of operation, the company has conducted over 150 transactions, valued at more than $2 billion. The company has been acknowledged as one of the TOP-50 aircraft leasing companies by the renowned Air Finance journal three years in a row now.

In 2016 the company made a huge step into the Asian market by coming into the agreement with Henan Civil Aviation and Development Co. (HNCA) and launching a brand new Joint-Venture company AviaAM Financial Leasing China. This JV managed to develop a strong fleet in just under 2 years of existence – 16 brand new aircraft are currently valued at over $1 billion.

Aviation Media and Events

Being in the heart of the aviation industry, Avia Solutions Group is one of the companies to receive first-hand information from the industry giants – technology, market news and contracts. Group’s own media network AeroTime is one of the largest industry-specific media outlets, visited by some 400 000 readers every month.

Trust being one of the underlying features of the aviation industry, eye-to-eye meetings rule this world together with conferences, workshops and high-level discussions. One of these environments, where industry’s finest feel the pulse of the market is Avia Solutions Group’s own international conference AIR Convention. With over 4000 participants every year, the conference takes part in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

MRO: Aircraft and Helicopters

5 hangars with over 60 000 sq m of combined space, 1200 of the highest level engineers, mechanics and maintenance specialists work tirelessly at Avia Solutions Group MRO companies FL Technics, FL Technics Indonesia, Jet MS, Helisota, Storm Aviation to ensure a safer tomorrow for the aviation industry.

FL Technics takes care of narrow and wide-body aircraft at its hangars in Vilnius, Kaunas and Jakarta, selling over 700 000 man-hours every year. Company’s specialists are also scattered around the globe working at offices in China, the United Kingdom, Thailand and Russia. Smaller private and regional jets are maintained at Jet MS hangar. Exclusive jets visit Vilnius for variety of maintenance procedures as well as interior & exterior changes and AOG maintenance.

Group’s rotorcraft expertise lies within Helisota – Mil, Airbus Helicopters and Robinson helicopter maintenance professionals. Company’s hangar in Kaunas is always filled with military, civilian and commercial rotorcraft ready to be renewed.

Storm Aviation a United Kingdom company and one of the top line maintenance experts across the globe, gradually adding heavy maintenance to its portfolio in the recent years.

Aviation Consultancy Services

In over 10 years in the aviation business Avia Solutions Group has embarked on variety of different projects, bringing significant amount of knowledge to holding’s management. This know-how is now used to assist entry level companies, governmental institutions and other entities wishing to get an insight into the aviation industry from expert’s perspective.

Airport construction, development and management, airline launch, hangar construction and running a MRO business – all of this and much more is in the portfolio of Avia Solutions Group’s board of managers consulting companies and institutions in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Aviation Training and Personnel Resourcing

Avia Solutions Group companies provide quality pilot, crew, engineer training, resourcing, recruitment and related services. Holding companies BAA Training, BGS, FL Technics Training and AviationCV.com partner with industry giants including but not limited to Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airlines, flydubai, Asiana Airlines, Aeroflot.

400 000 aviation specialists visit AviationCV.com jobs portal, scouring the 2000+ job ads in a hope to find their new career stop. At the same time, BAA Training ensures the pilot and crew pipeline to the renowned airlines, training over 1000 of pilots every year. There are over 100 Full Flight Simulators (FFS) in the company’s network, while its experts provide 15 different type training.

Flight Ops and Dispatchers

With the in-depth knowledge of the industry, Avia Solutions Group provides airlines, aircraft owners, operators and other entities with expert flight operation & dispatcher services. Sky Knights provides the appropriate permissions, parking slots, weather forecasts, etc. The company currently ensures the safety and quality of over 20 000 flights yearly.

Railway freight transport

The ground handling, fuelling and logistics experts at BGS has stepped into yet another uncharted territory back in 2018 – railway freight transport. Acquiring more than 1000 railway wagons, the company will lease the rolling stock to transport coal, wood and other solid fuels.

Aviation IT Solutions

The technological advancement in the aviation industry is one of the most visible, rapid and unpredictable, therefore, Avia Solutions Group has devoted vast resources to the R&D of various IT technologies. Group companies Locatory.com, SimHelp, Sensus Aero are creating new IT systems every day to make life of aviation specialists in airport, airline, simulator industries and training institutions cost-effective, efficient and convenient.

Locatory.com is one of the fastest growing aircraft spare parts marketplaces in the world. By handling over 100 000 RFQs per month and with 8,2 billion parts supplied, the company is considered the number 1 aircraft parts marketplace in the Eastern hemisphere.

Business Aviation and FBO

Avia Solutions Group’s aircraft fleet is a unique spectacle in all of the Eastern, Northern and Central Europe. KlasJet is currently operating a 7-aircraft fleet consisting of custom Boeing 737 business jets specifically designed for large groups of people, as well as private Hawker and Bombardier aircraft.

Conducting over 1200 flights every year, KlasJet is constantly partnering with professional sports clubs, national teams, governmental delegations, performers and entertainers as well as businesses to ensure a true VIP travel.

Ground Handling, Fueling and Transport

What happens to the aircraft in the period of landing and taking off again is often an unseen part of aviation, taken car of by specialists at Avia Solutions Group fastest growing business BGS. Every year, over 8 million passengers use company’s services, often, without even knowing it, in 16 airports across Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Russia.

Apart from the ground handling services BGS is constantly expanding into the new spheres – namely logistics, training, IT solutions and railway transportation. Wide range of services allows the company to be the leading service provider in numerous markets including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia and Ukraine.

Tour Operators and Hotels

Each and every one working in the aviation industry will confirm that travelling across the globe is an essential part of the job. From business trips to family holidays at the most popular Turkey’s and Egypt’s resorts – Avia Solutions Group companies Kidy Tour and Loop ensure convenient travel and accommodation.

Kidy Tour has become one of three key players in Lithuanian travel market within just two years of operation and is currently one of the major tour operators in the Baltics. Over 50 000 tourists and vacationers choose company’s services, while Loop’s hotels by the airports in Vilnius and Riga ensure efficient accommodation for the business travellers.

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