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Company Antagutė

Antagutė, UAB

Registration code 125001584 (old code 2500158)
VAT LT250015811
Manager Giedrė Vileitaitė, generalinė direktorė
Address Buivydiškių g. 118, Zujūnai, LT-14160 Vilniaus r.
Phone Antagute Phone
Mobile phone Antagute Mobile phone
Fax Antagute Fax
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.antagute.lt
Work hours I-V 08:00-17:00
Employees 124 people (insured)
SS insurer code 710809
Average salary 601.60 € (2019-12)
Social insurance taxes 17,806.40 € (2019-12)
Sales revenue 2018: 1 000 001 - 2 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2019-10: 17 cars (10 owns, 7 uses)
Company age 20 years 4 months 18 days
7.5 / 10 (votes 298)


"Antagute" JSC to a CLIENT is a quick, effective and innovative partner, observing progressive quality management standards. This enables us to provide:

Quality cleaning
Building management
Waste collection and transfer to the processor services
Design and install supply systems of hygiene products

"Antagute" JSC was established in 1999 and has significantly succeeded in its development since then.

"Antagute" JSC is a partner with unique experience, competence and obligations. We are exclusive by our reliability and quality of work. The goal of "Antagute" JSC is exclusive respect and attention to a client achieved via ecologic and rational solutions.

1. We have implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001;
2. Occupational Safety and Health Management System OHSAS 18001;
3. Environmental management system ISO 14001;

Contact us:
Address: P. Rimsos st. 7c, 10313 Vilnius
Phone: +370 5 233 87 37
Mob. phone: +370 6 20 88 433
Fax: +370 5 210 52 79
Mail: info@antagute.lt

We estimate our capacities by means of analysis of customer needs.
We work only with reliable suppliers striving that the materials or services they provide and working conditions of their employees comply with the policy of our company, set goals and legal requirements.
We organize training of employees and encourage further training, permanently emphasizing personal responsibility of each employee, rendering quality service and making no effect on the environment as well as educating consciousness of employees so ensuring safe working places for yourself and the one working near you.
We introduce company employees, suppliers and customers to quality, environment management objectives and obligations.
We develop resource management as well as sustainable use of natural and other resources.
We bring to the attention of employees legal and regulatory requirements as well as the requirements the company has undertaken and check up on implementation of these requirements.
We schedule and conduct project control, involving employees, suppliers, visitors of a working place into management of significant environmental protection aspects, risk factors, encouraging constant development of environmental protection efficiency and pollution prevention.
We constantly conduct accident prevention encouraging practice of technical innovations and progressive technologies, install working places, and provide safe working environment for employees and visitors.

Company photos:
AntagutėAntagutė picturePhoto Antagutė (125001584)Antagutė company photos"Antagute" JSC to a CLIENT is a quickAntagutė, UAB picturePhoto Antagutė, UAB (125001584)Antagutė, UAB company photosand the managementAntagutėAntagutėAntagutėAntagutėAntagutėAntagutėAntagutėAntagutėAntagutėAntagutėAntagutė
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