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Company Alantas

Alantas, UAB

Registration code 179466996
VAT LT794669917
Manager Juozas Kniukšta, generalinis direktorius
Address Paberžių g. 11, LT-72328 Tauragė
Phone Alantas Phone
Fax Alantas Fax
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.alantas.lt
Work hours I-V 08.00-11.45 ir 12.15-16.45
Employees 72 people (insured)
Average salary 1,455.20 € (women 1,349.29 €; men 1,509.45 €) (2022-05)
Social insurance taxes 23,798.64 € (2022-05)
Sales revenue 2021: 3 124 886 € Historical turnover »  2021 m. Report »
Net profit 2021: 25 262 € More »
The export share 2021: 30% of turnover (Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom)
Transport 2022-01: 4 cars (3 owns, 1 uses)
Authorized capital 342,517.74 €
Company age 26 years 2 months 6 days
5.1 / 10 (votes 91)
Report Professional report about the company »
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AlantasAlantas picturePhoto Alantas (179466996)Alantas company photos179466996Alantas, UAB picturePhoto Alantas, UAB (179466996)Alantas, UAB company photosCompany 179466996AlantasAlantasAlantasAlantasAlantasAlantasAlantasAlantasAlantasAlantasAlantas
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