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Number of employees in AS "Citadele banka" Lietuvos filialas

Akciju sabiedriba "Citadele banka" Lietuvos filialas employees (insured)

In the company AS "Citadele banka" Lietuvos filialas (insurer code 3342140, company code 304940934) at 2022-01-27 worked 230 people (insured).
Number of employees (insured) in AS "Citadele banka" Lietuvos filialas

Employees (insured) number history:

2022-01-25 had 230 people (insured)
2022-01-23 had 229 people (insured)
2022-01-22 had 230 people (insured)
2022-01-08 had 232 people (insured)
2022-01-07 had 231 person (insured)
2022-01-04 had 232 people (insured)
2021-12-28 had 231 person (insured)
2021-12-21 had 233 people (insured)
2021-12-16 had 232 people (insured)
2021-12-12 had 233 people (insured)
2019-01-11 had 295 people (insured)
2019-01-08 had 3 people (insured)
2019-01-03 had 2 people (insured)

Data from State Social Insurance Fund Board Under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.
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