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Company Airuslita

Airuslita, UAB

Pakavimo medžiagos, įrenginiai, pakavimo metodai

TOP company 2019
Registration code 235953170
VAT LT359531716
Manager Aidas Špiliauskas
Address Ringuvos g. 53, LT-45245 Kaunas
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Website http://www.airuslita.lt
Employees 24 people (insured)
SS insurer code 808840
Average salary 1,879.20 € (2019-09)
Social insurance taxes 9,886.18 € (2019-09)
Sales revenue 2018: 5 000 001 - 10 000 000 € excl. VAT Historical turnover »
Transport 2019-10: 11 cars (8 owns, 3 uses)
Company age 16 years 11 months 4 days
6.6 / 10 (votes 71)


JSC AIRUSLITA established in 2002. We are offering wide spectrum of packaging machines and full range of packaging materials.



Stretch film pallet wrappers, are one of the most popular solutions for wrapping products on pallets. Depending on product specifications, there is an opportunity to choose wrapper with turntable - when goods are spinning on platform, rotating arm - when product is standing still and arm is turning the film around goods, or robot wrapper, when machine can travel around non standard dimensions pallets. Horizontal packing palletizers are used to wrap long or/and single products. There are semi-automatic, fully automatic and integrated into the line machine ranges.


Wide selection of hand tools: manual, battery, pneumatic tools for polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), steel strap fastening; semi-automatic and automatic PP and PET strapping machines, strapping solutions for complete lines


  • Manual polyethylene or bag sealers

  • Shrink tunnels, L- sealers for wrapping film around products or their groups

  • Bag producing tools

  • Vacuuming machines

  • Heat guns for shrink film


  • Automatic – semi-automatic case sealers

  • Automatic and semi-automatic case erectors

  • Manual case dispensers


Weighting/dozing/filling (Pre-packaging) systems and equipment, dozing equipment that can be used for pouring, weighting, grouping wet and dry products into separate packages, barcode, label printers, strap dispensers, decoilers, packing/grouping/sorting robots, corrugated cardboard staplers, carton shredders for cushioning and filling, blister/skin pack machines, vertical and horizontal packing tools, conveyors, motorized conveyor modules, gravity rollers.


  • All type and different purpose of using self-adhesive tape: masking tape, double-sided tape, universal duct tape, filament tape, moisture-resistant, frost-resistant, etc

  • Printed packing tapes, with overprint for advertising, press, logos

  • Stretch films

  • PVC, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, POF films

  • PE, POF, PVC shrink films

  • Paper, honeycomb carton, PE foam, plastic protecting corners and profiles

  • Corrugated cardboard, carton boxes, honeycomb carton and various type of paper

  • PE foam, puffed polyethylene, bubble film, used for parcel, furniture, metal, glass and other fragile goods protection

  • PP, PET, metal, bail press straps

  • Polyester strapping

  • LDPE, HDPE bags, zip-locks, big-bags

  • Dunnage (air) bags for transportation

  • Buckles, seals, plastic palettes, palette nets, glue, rubber bands, self-adhesive envelopes, document envelopes, packing

wholesale, bubble wrap film, cardboard boxes, packaging boxes, automatic tape, masking tape, shrink film, polyethylene film, adhesive tape taping device, bags, fasteners, seals, adhesive tape with logo, painter's tape, hot glue, packaging solutions, packaging equipment, stretch film, film holder, pallet wrapper, stretch wrapping film, stretch wrap, semi-automatic, packaging devices, rotary machines, pallet protection, pallet wrappers, palletizing robot, conveyors, foam polyethylene, thermo tunel, greenhouse film, furniture protection, polyolefin, film-sealing equipment, packaging line, equipment for wrapping pallets, devices for packaging products, prepacking-dosing line, bottling line, box forming, pvc film, corner protectors, plastic corners, packaging corners, protective profiles, paper corners, cardboard corners, packing filler, airbags for transportation, fastening strips, fastening locks, steel strip, strapping machines, Strapack, other packaging materials, packaging equipment, automatic gluing equipment

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