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Admen Baltic, UAB

Reklamos gamyba, projektavimas. Užsakymai priimami R. Kalantos g. 49, Kaunas

Registration code 302944948
VAT LT100007394019
Manager Giedrius Kiuberis
Address R. Kalantos g. 49k, LT-52303 Kaunas
Phone Admen Baltic Phone
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Employees 41 person (insured)
Average salary 2,253.12 € (women 2,277.86 €; men 2,248.36 €) (2022-04)
Social insurance taxes 20,066.15 € (2022-04)
Sales revenue 2020: 1 424 210 € Historical turnover »
Net loss 2020: -35 249 € More »
Transport 2022-01: 8 cars (5 owns, 3 uses)
Authorized capital 37,648.00 €
Company age 9 years 4 months 25 days
5.7 / 10 (votes 257)
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ADMEN Baltic is a new name with an old history.

We are in this business since 1992. Probably there are no more such old sign-making companies in Lithuania.

In 2003 JSC Neotika and JSC Neoninės reklamos studija in Klaipeda merged to JSC Reklamos Sprendimų Grupė. In 2005 JSC Geltona and JSC Dizartas in Kaunas merged to JSC Matomų Idėjų Jėgainė.

Since 2007 JSC Reklamos Sprendimų Grupė in Klaipeda, JSC Matomų Idėjų Jėgainė in Kaunas and JSC ADD work as JSC AD MEN. Such a decision concludes long-lasting cooperation among the three enterprises. It also allows us to unite the potential in the design creation and production of advertising means as one of the biggest advertising agencies in Lithuania. We are certain that these steps will strengthen our competence even more and will open up opportunities to create additional quality when providing clients with integrated services.

SIGN PEOPLE continue working for you!

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