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Panevėžio profesinio rengimo centras
Address: Staniūnų g. 68, LT-36143 Panevėžys.
Categories: learning courses; vocational education institutions.
There were some Vocational Schools in Panevezys which were training specialists of woker professions during the soviet period. 1963 - Panevezys Polytechnical School was founded. It trained skilled workers for Metal Work Factory. 1978 - Panevezys Agricultural School was founded. It trained agricultural workers. 1983...
Profesijų mokymo ir paramos centras
Address: Neries krantinė 16, LT-48402 Kaunas.
Categories: consulting services; vocational education institutions.
Smalininkų technologijų ir verslo mokykla
Address: Parko g. 4, Smalininkai, LT-74224 Jurbarko r.
Categories: higher education institutions; vocational education institutions.
Lietuvos Policijos Mokykla
Address: Mokslo g. 2, Mastaičių k., LT-53313 Kauno r.
Categories: vocational education institutions.
Lithuanian Police School is an institute of police vocational training implementing the initial as well as further training of police personnel. Vocational training is one of the most significant stages of education providing special professional knowledge and skills. Vision of Lithuanian Police School is to...
Mažeikių politechnikos mokykla
Address: Ventos g. 18, LT-89188 Mažeikiai.
Categories: comprehensive schools; vocational education institutions.
Verslo Mokymo Centras

Address: K. Petrausko g. 26, LT-44156 Kaunas.
Categories: learning courses; vocational education institutions.
Klaipėdos paslaugų ir verslo mokykla
Address: J. Janonio g. 13, LT-92238 Klaipėda.
Categories: vocational education institutions.
Plungės technologijų ir verslo mokykla
Address: Mendeno g. 7, LT-90143 Plungė.
Categories: vocational education institutions.
Training Expert Group
Address: Gaisų g. 1D-4, Antežerių k., LT-14158 Vilniaus r.
Categories: consulting services; event organization; institutes, scientific researches; learning courses; vocational education institutions.
Raseinių technologijos ir verslo mokykla
Address: Muziejaus g. 8, LT-60122 Raseiniai.
Categories: comprehensive schools; learning courses; vocational education institutions.
Rokiškio technologijos, verslo ir žemės ūkio mokykla
Address: Melioratorių g. 1A, Kavoliškio k., LT-42345 Rokiškio r.
Categories: learning courses; vocational education institutions.
Viešoji Įstaiga Telšių regioninis profesinio mokymo centras
Address: S. Daukanto g., Varniai 6b, LT-88318 Telšių r.
Categories: vocational education institutions.
Educational institution that meets the needs of citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, the training of highly skilled professionals who are able to integrate into the Lithuanian and foreign labor market, providing quality secondary education grant, expanding our infrastructure and vocational training services...
VšĮ "Apsisprendimas"
Address: Minties g. 54-42, LT-09219 Vilnius.
Categories: event organization; guardianship and care institutions; information supply; psychologists, psychotherapists; social services; vocational education institutions.
UAB "Ademona"
Address: Gėlių g. 11, LT-11237 Vilnius.
Categories: language courses; learning courses; vocational education institutions.
Asociacija Baltic Turkish Culture Academy
Address: A. Jakšto g. 5, LT-01105 Vilnius.
Categories: vocational education institutions.
Baltic Turkish Culture Academy is located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Lithuania is ascribable to the Baltic countries the same as Latvia and Estonia. Activities of the association is directed at all society members, independent of nationality, sex, religion and all that. The association is based on...

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