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Lithuanian companies: Tobacco

Elektroninės cigaretės ir jų priedai

Address: Kulvos g. 14A-9, LT-48493 Kaunas.
Categories: tobacco; online stores; other activities; retail; wholesale.
Elektroninės cigaretės ir jų priedai

Address: Kalvarijų g. 12-2, LT-09309 Vilnius.
Categories: tobacco; online stores; other activities; wholesale.
MV GROUP Distribution

Address: Aukštaičių g. 7, LT-11341 Vilnius.
Categories: alcoholic beverages; tobacco; wholesale.
MV GROUP Distribution (UAB "Mineraliniai Vandenys), which began operations in 1992, was joined by subdivisions MV Latvia and MV Eesti in 2007; together, they are now the leading wholesalers of alcohol and tobacco in the regional market. MV Poland represents the group’s trade interests in Poland. Today, MV has...
RoyalSmoke.lt Elektroninės Cigaretės

Address: Algimanto Mackaus g. 8, LT-08442 Vilnius.
Categories: tobacco.
Skonis ir kvapas
Address: V. A. Graičiūno g. 10, LT-02241 Vilnius.
Categories: coffee, tea; retail; tobacco; wholesale.
Philip Morris Lietuva
Address: Vilniaus pl. 16, LT-94104 Klaipėda.
Categories: tobacco; import; manufacturing.
Philip Morris International (PMI) supports comprehensive regulation of tobacco products based on the principle of harm reduction. To be effective, tobacco regulatory policy must be evidence-based, apply to all tobacco products, and should take into account the views of all legitimate stakeholders including public...
Travel Retail Vilnius
Heinemann Duty Free | Travel Value

Address: Lvivo g. 25-104, LT-09320 Vilnius.
Categories: alcoholic beverages; cosmetic, parfumery; food stores; tobacco.
A. Strazdo Įmonė

Address: A. Kulviečio g. 20-5, LT-55212 Jonava.
Categories: coffee, tea; retail; tobacco; wholesale.
Address: K. Škirpos g. 2-34, LT-49212 Kaunas.
Categories: alcoholic beverages; tobacco.
Address: Jogailos g. 4, LT-01116 Vilnius.
Categories: tobacco.
Gėrimų kompanija
Address: Bičiulių g. 6, Noreikiškių k., LT-53365 Kauno r.
Categories: alcoholic beverages; retail; soft beverages; tobacco.
JTI Baltic
Address: Konstitucijos pr. 21C, LT-08130 Vilnius.
Categories: import; tobacco; wholesale.
Address: J. Galvydžio g. 11-7, LT-08236 Vilnius.
Categories: import; tobacco.
E. Milkiaus
Address: Ramučių g. 36-1, LT-99150 Šilutė.
Categories: coffee, tea; tobacco.
Address: K. Donelaičio g. 19A, LT-92141 Klaipėda.
Categories: tobacco; import; wholesale.

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