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Laidojimo paslaugos | Kremavimas Lenkijoje

Address: V. Krėvės pr. 97, LT-50369 Kaunas.
Categories: ritual services and goods; religious organizations.
"ATMINIMAS" Funeral services in Kaunas, Veiveriai Cremation, cremation services in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia Chariot halls in Kaunas, Veiveriai Coffins, funeral supplies
Laidojimo paslaugos, kremavimas, reikmenys

Address: Partizanų g. 19, LT-49477 Kaunas.
Categories: ritual services and goods; event organization; flowers and decorative plants; religious organizations.
Bukiškio stačiatikių Kristaus Gimimo parapija
Address: Sodų g. 8, Bukiškis, LT-14182 Vilniaus r.
Categories: religious organizations; ritual services and goods.
Lietuvos evangelikų reformatų Bažnyčia-Sinodas
Address: Reformatų g. 3A, LT-41175 Biržai.
Categories: learning courses; printing houses, publishing services; religious organizations.
Introduction. The Evangelical Reformed Church of Lithuania as a united Reformed Church organization and Reformed Church province of Lithuania can be counted from the year 1557 at the Synod in Vilnius on December 14th of that year. From that year the Province (also can be called General or National) Synod met...
Kalesninkų Švč. M. Marijos Nekaltojo Prasidėjimo parapija
Address: Jono Pauliaus II g., Kalesninkai, LT-17185 Šalčininkų r.
Categories: religious organizations.
Laidojimo paslaugų centras
Address: Kalvarijų g. 329, LT-08420 Vilnius.
Categories: ritual services and goods; other activities; religious organizations.
Žemaitijos Gralis
Address: A. Jucio g. 3, LT-90148 Plungė.
Categories: ritual services and goods; flowers and decorative plants; religious organizations.
Kauno Šv. Jono Pauliaus II parapija
Address: Baltų pr. 44B, LT-48199 Kaunas.
Categories: religious organizations.
Lietuvos Caritas
Address: Papilio g. 5, LT-44275 Kaunas.
Categories: religious organizations.
Caritas Lithuania is an organization which is run by goodwilled people who are motivated by the social teaching of the Catholic Church and humanistic attitudes. It aims to reduce poverty, social exclusion and to serve in the spirit of Jesus Christ for the most vulnerable members of the society
G12 Lietuva
Address: Lukštinės g 11, LT-47274 Kaunas.
Categories: religious organizations; corporations, unions, committees, foundations.
Lietuvos Biblijos draugija
Address: J. Basanavičiaus g. 16A-117, LT-03224 Vilnius.
Categories: books and bookstores; corporations, unions, committees, foundations; religious organizations; retail; wholesale.
BIBLES AND BIBLICAL LITERATURE We publish Bibles, Childrens Bibles, and other Biblical literature in Lithuanian language. If you would like to buy some books please visit our e-bookshop www.BiblijaTau.lt or come to the bookshop in our office (9:30-17:00, Monday to Friday).
Telšių vyskupijos kurija
Address: Katedros a. 5, LT-87131 Telšiai.
Categories: religious organizations.
Biržų evangelikų reformatų parapija
Address: Reformatų g. 3A, LT-41175 Biržai.
Categories: religious organizations.
Gaudijos vaišnavų religinė bendruomenė
Address: Klaipėdos g. 9, Naujųjų Lažų k., LT-58315 Kėdainių r.
Categories: religious organizations.
Klaipėdos miesto Šeimos Centras
Address: Tilžės g. 26, LT-91126 Klaipėda.
Categories: communities; consulting services; learning courses; religious organizations.
We are organizing the course before marriage named “Two is better than one ... If one stumbles, the other helps a buddy to get up.” We organize various trainings for couples and families, family weekends, relationship improvement programs, family crisis counseling, parenting skills development programs, sex...

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